Thursday, 18 May 2017

Leaving Skipton


IMG_3225We had a late start from Skipton as Carolyn was not happy with the fit of her new walking boots and decided to go back to the shop and change them . Eventually pulling pins at the stupid late time of 10.45 we cruised through Skipton and then back out in to the countryside.

IMG_3239As we start to climb up The Pennines in parts it reminds us a bit of Dartmoor back down in Devon.

IMG_3245We have a deal going that Carolyn does all the electric swing bridges and I do all the manual ones. Some of them are really heavy, poor old me !.

IMG_3248We were so surprised to see these Oystercatchers high up in the Pennines. We have never seen them before on the inland waterways .The oystercatcher is a large, stocky, black and white wading bird. It has a long, orange-red bill and reddish-pink legs. In flight, it shows a wide white wing-stripe, a black tail, and a white rump that extends as a 'V' between the wings. Because it eats cockles, the population is vulnerable if cockle beds are overexploited. Breeds on almost all UK coasts; over the last 50 years, more birds have started breeding inland. Most UK birds spend the winter on the coast; where they are joined on the east coast by birds from Norway.

IMG_3256This is where the fun began on this flight of locks with yet another first for us.

IMG_3258It’s lock 31 and it’s the first time we have ever seen ground paddles like this. I took Inca in to the lock and no matter how hard Carolyn tried she could not lift this or the other side paddle. Not wanting to climb down the lock ladder so we could swap over I had to reverse out of the lock so that Carolyn could take Inca up the lock while I did the paddle.It seems that the secret to operating these paddles is to lift it in one action and not do it slowly as you would with a normal paddle.

IMG_3259With me jumping back down onboard Inca and Carolyn climbing up to the lock we she opens the gate paddles to fill the lock.

IMG_3261Yet another different ground paddle and this time with a handle on the top of it.

IMG_3266We moored for the night after a good 4 hour cruise just below the Bank Newton flight of locks for the night and met the local full time lockie who said that he would be on duty in the morning and lock us up the flight of 5 locks. With them having the wooden handle type paddles Carolyn was more than happy with his offer of help.

IMG_3263Shouldn’t laugh at this hire boat out of control but it is silly hire boat season again and there are a few out on this stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool canal. As always we let them get on with it unless we see that they are in real difficulties and then we will step in and offer advice and help if they want it.

                                                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. good blog looks as though the end of the boat needs a lick of paint Gary x

  2. That's the front Mother ! Oh dear ... Just to let you know it has all been repainted and the front button put back on ...Now looking like new !!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello team Inca...

    I've been following your blog annonymously for a while anf thoroughly enjoy it!
    My family (of well-seasoned hirers) will be 'doing' your current cruise - Silsden to Foulridge(?)and back later this year. Although I say 'seasoned', we are usually in the BCN area or nearby and whilst I knew that the Leeds and Liverpool had some quirks in their lock-workings, I'm grateful to you for highlighting these today so I can see what to expect in September...!

    Many thanks for your blogging entertainment and keep it up!


    1. Hi Martin , You will enjoy that section with some great scenery. It's about 12 hours cruising from Silsden to Foulridge ,We did it a bit too fast as we were booked to go in to Liverpool docks and the Lancaster a week later via the Ribble link. Please let me know how you got on and I'm sure you will love every minute of it .

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Clive , Thanks for that . Still plodding on doing a few long days .. But then you only live once so make he most of it. !!!