Saturday, 30 April 2016

Rubbish rant


IMG_3896After a day moored below Marsworth I got a text from Della (nb Muleless) asking where we were moored. it turned out they and nb Oakapple were only a few locks behind and as there was plenty of room here they said they would come up and join us.

IMG_3889As always when boaters meet up there’s always lots of catching up to do and loads to talk about. With the weather a bit chilly we all decided to board Inca for a bit of a warm up and a drink.

IMG_3893The following day Gary started his project of building a roof box for Muleless. I think it will look very smart when its finished and painted in the same colours as the boat. Anyway Della certainly looks very pleased with it.. I wonder if he is taking orders to build them , Could be a good little side line.

IMG_3884The one thing with this mooring is that we are under the flight path to Luton Airport. Every time a plane goes over Carolyn says that she should be on it as I never take her anywhere. I did later point out to her that the planes were landing so she would be coming home from where ever she went.

IMG_3898Time for us to move on again and after saying goodbye to Rich and Sharon it was cheerio to Gary and Della. Enjoy your trip down the Aylesbury arm ,I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.

IMG_3899After 2 locks and approaching Marsworth Carolyn jumps off with the rubbish. The problem here is that because the facility is next to a road and is not in a locked compound every Tom, Dick and Harry can use it and we have often seen cars stopping and unloading their rubbish. The facility is paid for by boaters and should only be used by boaters….rant over !

IMG_3903There are now only a few houses left for sale at the Marsworth junction,so you will need to be quick if you want one. I’m still not sure that I would want to pay out half a million pounds for a property right next to the elsan and pump out facility which can get rather smelly at times. I can see problems here in time to come.

IMG_3907After the third lock of the day and with me feeling a bit under the weather we picked up this mooring. With good TV ,plenty of Internet and some good walks around the Marsworth lakes this will do us for the next day or so.

                                                                                                        Happy days

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