Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day off for the Captain


IMG_3789We pulled pins from Leighton Buzzard at 07.15 with Captain Carolyn on the Helm and me taking up my normal role as first mate General Dogsbody.

IMG_3794Passing under this road bridge and its a familiar sight of someone painting their boat in the dry. Its very expensive to hire a dock with a cover so this is the next best thing and its free.

IMG_3797OK so I know you don't see this very often , but just occasionally I do grab the windlass and do the odd lock or two for Captain Carolyn to have a rest. But after 2 locks I'm usually knackered and then the Captain has to take over.

IMG_3801Here we go again says Carolyn, Passing yet another pub that's closed. I told her that if it was a Wetherpoons then it would have been open and we could have gone in and had a breakfast.….(Carolyn is not as keen on Spoons as I am)

IMG_3808I'm not sure why this Pig is on the roof of this boat on the moorings above Grove lock, but he won’t be able to escape with all that chain around him..

IMG_3819After Grove lock its a short pound to Church lock. This lock is one of my favourites, but why I just don’t know. Its just a lovely lock in a lovely location and with the leaves coming out on the trees it looks better than ever..

IMG_3839Its a long pound from Church lock to Slapton lock and after just a couple of hours since pulling pins we were lucky enough to pick up this mooring with no other boats around us. Its often good to have other boats close as some people like the safety in numbers,and its also good to meet and have a natter with other boaters...

IMG_3836The view from our front room window on our mooring is just a bridge with a train going over it. In fact the bridge is near Cheddington and is the site of the 1963 Great Train Robbery..At around 3.00am on Thursday 8 August 1963 just under £2.6 million was stolen from the Travelling Post Office (TPO) on route from Glasgow Central Station to London Euston Station. Up until this time Britain had a proud record of operating a vast rail network without a single major robbery. The robbery stunned the nation because of the enormous amount of money stolen. At todays rate it would be over £50 million that was stolen.

We will have a day or two here to catch up on a few jobs and no doubt have a bit of a chill out when the Sun is out.

                                                                                                          Happy Days

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  1. I can imagine what Abbie ( curly ) will say when she sees you grandad doing the locks.x