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IMG_3919With plenty of walks in this area we head off across the locks and onto Startops end reservoir which is one of 4 reservoirs near Marsworth. Tring reservoirs is the name for a group of four reservoirs close to Tring on the border Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England. The purpose for their existence was to feed the Grand Union Canal.The four reservoirs are: Startops End, Marsworth, Tringford and Wilstone. These reservoirs adjoin each other, separated only by paths and roads; the fourth, Wilstone Reservoir, is a short distance to the west, close to the village of Wilstone.The reservoirs are a 106.5 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

IMG_3922As you can see the canal on the right in the picture passes Startops end reservoir.

IMG_3925It was then into the Hide for a spot of bird watching. What was interesting here was not the birds but what was written above my head. I never saw it at the time ,but it says from A W “Will you have my Babies”.H P replies “Yes I will love you baby….. Carolyn thought it was really sweet ,and I thought Silly sods  !

IMG_3934We were lucky to see this bird hunting on the banks of Startops. I think its a Kestrel,but please correct me if I’m wrong. We watched him for a good 10 minutes but unfortunatly he didn’t catch anything.

IMG_3961Meanwhile back on Inca and having a cuppa after our walk we heard a right commotion going on outside. Four Male ducks were trying to mate with one Female. It went on for over twenty minutes and how the female survived I will never know as she spent more time underneath the water than she did above it.

IMG_3979A little later we had this new family swim by. We counted 14 ducklings, lets just hope most of them survive.

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                                                                                                               Happy Days

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