Monday, 18 April 2016


IMG_3658After passing through Stoke Hammond lock and mooring up behind friends Lew and Sharon on Nb Diana we were soon out with the chairs on the towpath. Of course sitting out in the Sun nearly always means a glass or three of wine . We were joined on the towpath by Tony (2nd right) from nb Phantom. He has recently bought his boat and was taking it down to London to live on. Unfortunatly he had broken down due to a failed gear lever cable. Luckily though it was soon repaired and he was on his way again. Good to meet you Tony and all the best for your future life afloat.

IMG_3672Later in the day the clouds started to build and we had the odd light shower of rain and a bit of Thunder. We were then lucky to see this Rainbow with another one above it. Then how lucky was I to get this picture with a bolt of Lightning as well.

IMG_3661The following morning who should pass but friends Ray and Diane on nb Ferndale. They stopped and we had a good old natter and a cuppa for an hour or so. They are soon off on their travels abroad and I seem to remember Diane mentioning something about Disney. Have a great time and hopefully we will meet up on the Thames later.

IMG_3665To the rescue again .As always we try and use the coal/diesel boats if we can and with Jules and Richard on their boat Towcester with butty Bideford passing we filled up Inca with diesel and had a new Gas bottle. At 62 pence a litre its still a better price than some of the marina’s and wharfs around here.
After another night here we will be moving off in the morning with Lew and Sharon to share a few locks as we continue our jouney down South….

                                                           Happy Days


  1. VERY nice blog. Fantastic photo of the rainbows &lightening xx