Thursday, 7 April 2016

Big kids


IMG_3551After a night at Cosgrove we had another late start pulling pins at 09.40 so at least Curly was happy. We have been across the Cosgrove aqueduct so many times yet I still have to take a photo everytime and Carolyn still has to go down in the boat everytime as she doesnt like the height of it.

IMG_3559After a 2 hour stop at Wolverton to do a Tesco shop we carried on and passed this chap just Before The Black Horse pub. I think his canoe might want a bit of patching up.

IMG_3562We had a night at Giffard park before moving on to Milton Keynes the following morning. We were lucky to pick up this mooring on the Campbell Park moorings right behind our good friends Sharon and Lew on NB Diana.

IMG_3587 After a most enjoyable afternoon catching up over a glass or three on Nb Diana the following day it was decided we would all have a walk down to Willen lake and visit the Peace Pagoda.

The Peace Pagoda was built by the the monks and nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji as a symbol of world brotherhood . Above it, cherry trees commemorate the victims of war, while prayers and messages of hope decorate the nearby One World Tree.

IMG_3590Curly and Hamish are trying to find their way to the centre of the maze at Willen lake, but Hamish wanted to go one way while Curly wanted to go the other way.We thought that it would be a proper maze with a hedge ,but Willen Maze is a turf maze based on an enlarged version of the Saffron Walden Rosicrucian Maze and designed by landscape architect Neil Higson. At its centre is an oak tree and in each of the four lobes – at the cardinal points of the compass – is a bronze face designed by the sculptor Tim Minett. The four bronze faces represent the four main races of mankind and are inspired by the faces on teh artist’s bollards in the Shopping Centre. The maze unifies them in peace and places them in the context of dominant nature, symbolised by the oak tree.

IMG_3591look at all the kids on the train at Willen lake.There are even a couple of big kids sitting at the back.

IMG_3593I didnt realise it but Sharon has a real passion for trains and she was in her element and enjoyed every minute of the short journey beside the lake.I think Carolyn and Curly had just as much fun.

                                                                                                Happy Days


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