Sunday, 24 April 2016

Not me surely !!



My darling number one Granddaughter Curly left me this present on her last visit. She said that she saw it in a shop and it reminded her of me and she just had to buy it .But to be honest I just don’t get what she means. I was told to leave it in the window of Inca at all times. I keep taking it down ,but it just seems to find it’s way back.  Just wait till the next time I see you young Curly !!!!!

                                                                                                 Happy (Grumpy) Days


  1. What's nice about that ??? She's a little Monkey !!

    1. Methinks there is a genetic connection to that little monkey, Gary - best you be careful in your choice of words ...

    2. OK Marilyn.. Maybe I was a little Monkey once, all be it a long time ago .......