Thursday, 28 April 2016

9 become 5


IMG_3822We have had this family of Ducks around us for the last couple of days, when we first saw them there were 9 Ducklings then when this picture was taken there were only 8. When we eventually pulled pins there were only 5 left. Fingers crossed that they all make it to become fully grown Ducks as I have read that sometimes only 10% of Ducklings survive to become Ducks.

IMG_3844On our way again after pulling pins at 09.15 and we soon spot the Whipsnade Zoo Lion. He seemed to be a lot whiter than last time we saw him and we wondered if he had a coat of paint or what ever you do to a massive Lion carved into the hill.

IMG_3859Carolyn always feels sorry for these poor little Calves every time we pass this farm. They are obviously taken from their Mothers at a very young age and seem very lonely in their little pens.

IMG_3872We passed this boat on its mooring and when you are on the end of the moorings and a long way from the water tap you certainly need a few hose reels joined together to get water to your boat..

IMG_3873I do love a good Duck vane. As you can see there is a cold Easterly wind blowing (I think)..

IMG_3878We have passed this boat on its mooring many times and I have always looked at the name and thought that it could mean something rather naughty... But in fact after Googling it I discovered that its a type of Golf club with an iron head, the face of which has the greatest slope of all the irons, for hitting the ball with maximum loft. ..Oh well that was a bit if a dissapointment learning that.

IMG_3881Yet again Carolyn is on the helm while I do a few more locks. She is getting very good at steering, apart from when she ripped off our rear fender at the last lock . But then like she said I have done far more damage than that.  Anyway after another half an hour and passing Pitstone wharf we moored up below the bottom Marsworth lock where we will have another couple of chilling out days .         

                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. Your meant to wait until they grow up before you convert them into crispy duck. :)

  2. Good point Phil, I'll let them get a bit bigger next time !!

  3. I have just been told by 'She who Knows' that these land sculptures were all recently cleaned up for Her Majesty's 90th birthday.
    Oh if you have a couple of minutes visit my blog the penultimate post shows Bell Harbour on the Barrowline Canal in Co. Kildare.

  4. Thanks for that info it answers our question..Like the look county Kildare on you blog. Somewhere we will have to visit one day .....