Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Plank


IMG_3988After mooring for the night above Church lock this boat motored by. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the side of it. Nearly half of the side of the boat was missing . The Plank man that was steering it shouted to me and said that it was extra ventilation.


IMG_3997On Thursday morning we pulled pins at 08.00 and with all this fine weather and a lack of rain a lot of the pounds between the locks are very low on water. Most of the short pounds are so low that you skim along the bottom and stir up all the debris from the bottom. It wasn't long before Stewart picked this up around his prop.

IMG_4002On the way up to Marsworth we came upon this mess. Some idiot that lives on a plastic boat with a tarpaulin over the top decided to have a fire in the middle of the Towpath. This is what gives boaters a bad name and there is no need for it. There are a few people on The Cut that treat it as a cheap way to live and just don't care about anything else except themselves and they have no consideration for other people who live on, and use the canals. Many of these boats are not licensed so are contributing absolutely nothing to our waterways . It also seems bizarre how that Canal and River Trust seems to do nothing about this situation. Everywhere you go you see unlicensed boats and it certainly seems to get worse the nearer you get towards London….. Rant over.

IMG_3942 HamishAnd finally… You may remember i mentioned about Teapots on Narrowboat roofs and did anyone know what the significance of it was. Well apparently it signifies that the occupants could be or not Swingers , and its a secret sign to other Swingers.( Unbelievable or what)… Click on link   and decide for yourself  .We now spend all our time looking on boat roofs to see if there is a Teapot on the top and play a game called , Are they or not…..  And before you ask NO there is not a Teapot on Inca and i can assure you there will never be one there !          

                                                                                                             Happy Days

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