Thursday, 23 October 2014

Captain Carolyn

IMG_4276With some good weather in Cosgrove its great to get out and about after sitting in the boat on damp wet days . One of the biggest problems when we get bad weather is cabin fever , So often even if its pouring down with rain we just have to get out and about. Above is the ornate bridge at Cosgrove , this has to be one of the best looking bridges anywhere on the network.
IMG_4245Now there's an idea. If i could get hold of one of those old washboards and one of these and get rid of the washing machine, just think of all that electric we could save.
IMG_4287I wonder if he has some NOSEGAY in his pipe   (See last post).
After a few days we decided to move on and spend a bit of time at one of our favourite moorings.
IMG_4297The last time we passed this boat a couple of months ago the guy was still living on it. I don't think it will stay afloat much longer.
IMG_4336Captain Carolyn on the Tiller. There is a new edition of The boaters guide ( ) that has just come out with a video that's well worth a watch, and near the beginning it says always appoint a captain who will always be in charge. Its amazing how women make us men think we are the captains but in reality we are just cabin boys/General Dogsbodies.
IMG_4307At Grafton Regis there has always been good TV and Internet at over 20 megs but for some reason the internet was down to 0.3 megs and as Carolyn LIKES watching TV online she wasn't very happy. We stuck it out here through all the bad winds and decided to move as soon as the winds dropped. It was amazing to see how many boats were still moving in all that wind and many of them were struggling to keep their boats in a straight line.
IMG_4330On Wednesday morning with the temperature at 9deg we pulled pins at 09.00 in beautiful sunshine. The nearest Winding hole (turning place) is at Stoke Bruerne ,so after winding we reversed up to the service point and filled with water and dumped waste. With all that high wind we are hoping to pick up some wood on our cruise back towards Cosgrove.
IMG_4346We are now moored back in Cosgrove with no more wood on the roof and are now awaiting a visit from our daughter and granddaughter at the weekend . Curly (Abbie) will be spending half time with us so the next week will certainly be hectic. Carolyn has done a shop in Tesco as Sharon on Nb Midsummer very kindly drove her into Wolverton so we are now stocked up again for a day or two.
The boat above went past us on Wednesday afternoon and I think its called Valhalla. Some of the private moorers on the off side shouted at him to slow down as he was creating such a wash. But looking at the shape of the Bow its never going to go through the water vey smoothly. Its certainly an odd boat and its one of those that you either love or hate .
                                                                     Happy Days


  1. that man on the boat never ought to be smoking he looks very frail & old., Carolyn is looking well hair looks nice.yes a nice looking bridge x

  2. I like Mangles, my Gran had one and I used to turn the handle for her, made a similar sound to lock winding!
    We did see a folding mangle which was in use by the boat-owner in his cratch, bit of a cold wet job in the winter though.
    Lovely pictures on your blog, like 'wb Valhalla'. It's clever design must maximise on the interior space.
    Ann and Keith nb Oakfield

  3. Hi Ann and Keith, As you can imagine the idea of a mangle did not go down well. I think we must have been lucky because I can remember us having an electric one and I think it was on the twin tub. As for Valhalla Carolyn would love the space ,but I don't think it's my type of boat.