Monday, 6 October 2014

Accident waiting to happen


IMG_4056With Carolyn back from Devon it wasn't long before she found this haul of free winter heat. Its not a lot but it is a start

IMG_4071We pulled pins from Wendover and left the arm in Glorious sunshine and it wasn't long before we made the tight turn back on to The Grand union and then down The Marsworth flight.

IMG_4075The White Lion at Marsworth is now looking in a real sorry state. Apparently it was a very popular Pub .We did ask a few local people if they knew what was happening to the place , but nobody seemed to know its fate.

IMG_4087After 4 hours of cruising we finally moored behind Stewart and Fran on nb The Boat in the long pound above Church lock. Shortly after mooring Narrowboat Dover motored past us. This boat was rebuilt by a guy called Alan Herd and a TV series was made showing the complete re-build.

IMG_4086With some wood on the roof from Wendover and some more that we have picked up on the way its out with the chainsaw and Axe. With me on the chainsaw Carolyn decided to have a go at splitting the wood with the Axe. But as you can see its just an accident waiting to happen….. Don't worry she has now retired from chopping wood and she is now in charge of stacking the wood on the roof.

IMG_4102Pickle Widge  …    What a brilliant name for a boat. But does anyone know what it means ?. I have looked it up but can find no reference to the name. And look at that canopy , Its part of a car roof box mounted on some timber. I don't think the idea will catch on.

We have now left Church lock pound and are heading back down towards Leighton Buzzard and yet another shop at the convenient Tesco moorings and then back out into the country and pick up a peaceful mooring somewhere.


                                                               Happy Days


  1. Hi like the chimney. We bought one from kym last very plwased wiv quality worth paying a bit more. Our roof is full of wood. Loads nr kinver. We at penkridge in heavy rain. Well done carolyn for havin a go at chopping! Keep up the good blog. Pam & terry xx

    1. Hi Pam and Terry. The Chimney is working a treat and we are really pleased with it,just worried some Croat May nick it even though it is chained on. Not much wood down this way ,but did get a few bits of Willow and the roof is starting to fill up. Very wet and Windy here and we are only moving short distances.....keep well !!!