Sunday, 19 October 2014



We pulled pins from Giffard park and headed North towards Cosgrove. After a couple of days of rain and wind it was good to be on the move again.The downside to the bad weather has been having to run the engine to charge the batteries. Its the first time we have had to run it when stood still since April ,so we haven't done that bad. The solar panels still provide one or two amps in cloudy weather , but with the sun getting lower in the sky we are now struggling to get much more than 12 amps at mid day in full sun.Having said that though every free amp from the solar panels is much appreciated.

IMG_4211There's something about this boat that i like. The clue is in the name.

IMG_4212Some of the locals around here are a funny lot.

IMG_4225You can’t pass through Wolverton without admiring the Train mural. Wolverton and New Bradwell were built up around the railways and it was the centre for repairs as it was half way between London and Birmingham.

IMG_4237With good TV and Internet we picked up this mooring on the approach to Cosgrove lock. Its not far from the shop ,so we walked in to pick up a Newspaper after mooring. It was good to meet Sharon and Lew from Nb Midsummer.  We met them last February at Braunston and it was good to catch up with them and have a chat.

On a more sour note. Some one we know who continuously cruises had his car broken into at Grafton Regis. We have always considered Grafton to be a safe place but it seems not so. He parked his car next to the bridge and only left it for a short time ,but when he returned the windows had been smashed and two clarinets worth several thousands of pounds were stolen. We spoke to him this morning and as you can imagine he is absolutely gutted…. So beware !!!!!

IMG_4239As you know Carolyn likes her shopping, and with a good sunny day at last we walked back to Galleon Wharf and a walk around Gdad’s.It sells all sorts from second hand jewellery to furniture.. Guess what ? We didn't buy anything. That's the type of shopping that i like !!!

IMG_4240But what i really liked was the sign next to the door. Can you imagine walking into a shop today and saying “Please can i have an ounce of NOSEGAY”.

We are going to have a few days here and do some more chilling before moving on again. Cosgrove is a small village but a very pleasant place to spend a few days and with plenty of walks Molly and Hamish will be content.

                                                                                             Happy Days


  1. nice blog. how strange to see a yacht on your blog I don't suppose you see many of them, Hope you have had as much sundhine as we have had today very windy but not a bit cold .back killing me to much lifting in the garage.

  2. also liked the drawing of the trains. very good x