Friday, 10 October 2014

Canal rage


IMG_4079We pulled pins in Beautiful sunshine at 07.30 and cruised down to Church lock. After leaving the lock and when Carolyn had shut the gates she then had to descend some very steep steps and squeeze through a narrow gap to get back on board Inca.

IMG_4094The next lock is Grove lock and Carolyn wants to know why is it that every time we pass a pub its closed .

IMG_4106After doing a shop at Tesco and Aldi we picked up a mooring on the other side of Linslade and it wasn't long before we heard shouting and the roaring of engines. The dark blue boat which is privately owned tried to overtake the light blue hire boat just as they were passing us. You can tell how fast he was going by looking at the Bow wave he was making.

IMG_4110After nearly hitting us and nearly pulling our pins out with his wash he carried on at full throttle and eventually forced the Hire boat into the side of the canal. Words were exchanged between the 2 boats and then the hire boat reversed back off the bank and the guy shouted to us that they had never seen Canal rage like that before.It seems like the guy was in a hurry to get somewhere fast and couldn't cope with the pace of the hire boat in front of him.  People moan about how bad some hire boaters are at boating, but there are some useless and ignorant boat owners on the cut as well.

IMG_4116With Gary busy on his coal boat Ascot it didn't leave much room for other boats to pass,and it wasn't long before this hire boat (on the right) went aground when trying to pass.Eventually after a lot of revving they managed to get of the side and continue with their holiday .

IMG_4150The moon over Inca and the end of another enjoyable day on Inca.      picture by Carolyn

                                                                 Happy Days


  1. very nice blog. looked very nice where the pub was closed/ talk about road rage doesn't look too good on the canals either. xxxxx

    1. You wouldn't believe how much canal rage goes on ... Chill , chill . Chill

  2. The private boater with the HUGE lamp on the front passed us (we are moored at Slapton lock at the minute) going like the bloody clappers. The other idiot around this general area is a bloke on NB Snowdrop towing NB Pegalanty up and down the canal from Fenny St. to Grove lock. He rammed out boat coming through the bridge hole at Fenny, heading for the lock, and didn't say sorry or oops--nothing! We caught up with him two day slater not far after and he was weaving all over the canal. Watch out for that one.

    Isn't it great to be able to slip into IKEA near the cut?

    We are really enjoying your blog!
    Jaq and Les
    NB Valerie

  3. Hi Jaq and Les , Its a shame that there are one or two inconsiderate boaters on the cut , but then you do get idiots in all walks of life. Were just thankful that most of the people we come across on the canals are very good and friendly. Carolyn certainly loves IKEA and all the shops in Bletchley ,but I am not such a keen shopper. We hope everything goes well with your next visit to Hospital and we will be following your progress on your blog.... Gary and Carolyn