Sunday, 26 October 2014



IMG_4367The view from our mooring back towards Cosgrove lock and some of the hundreds of Geese that live in this area.

IMG_4353This lovely old working boat passed us and you could here him coming from miles away with the sound of his vintage engine echoing through Cosgrove. It looks like he has just had a new paint job.

IMG_4374Managed to get this blurred photo of this Kingfisher. He was fishing opposite our mooring and was a fair distance away so i had to use 32x Digital zoom which didn't come out that clear.

On Saturday morning my Mum ,daughter and Granddaughter arrived , They brought Curly (Abbie) up from Devon to spend a week with us on the boat. Now we have to try and keep an 8 year old entertained for the next 7 days   Suggestions on a postcard please. We have decided on Monday to head back down towards Milton Keynes where there will be more for her to do. No doubt Carolyn will continue to train her in the art of shopping and how to spend Granddads money.

IMG_4386After breaking two zips and countless fasteners on our cratch cover we decided to get some fenders made up to protect the cover and zips. And there is no one better when it comes to rope work than Mick Betts at Cosgrove near Milton Keynes. He had them all measured, made and fitted within a couple of days and with rope fenders for both sides costing less than one zip would cost to replace we think its well worth it. (Curly above watching Mick at work)

IMG_4409And as well as being practical they also look good  !!!!            Mick can be contacted on 07816541868

IMG_4394With Cosgrove park closing on November the 1st we were lucky to be able to watch their end of season Firework display. With a brilliant view from the Towpath we really enjoyed a bit of free entertainment.


                                                                             Happy Days

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