Saturday, 4 October 2014

Billy no mates


IMG_4011After a long day cruising and locking and going up a very shallow canal we are so lucky to pick up our favourite mooring at the end of The Wendover arm.

IMG_4009Not long after arriving Stewart soon hooked this beautiful 14lb Carp.

IMG_4015With Carolyn on the Train back down to Devon for our Granddaughters 8th birthday and Stewart and Fran off cruising back on the Grand Union canal, I am now Billy no mates and all by myself for the next few days on the arm. But it will give me the chance to catch up on several little jobs that need doing.

IMG_4005With winter coming and not long before we light the fire its time to get prepared. We bought this new chimney last year when we passed a boat that made them on the Coventry canal and have so far not used it. Although not cheap the quality is first class. The guy tows a small butty around which is his workshop and he produces these Stainless steel chimneys from it. Click on the link to have a look at what he does …..

IMG_4023With the level on the Wendover arm very low it gave us a lot of problems on our cruise up here. The pumps at this pumping station are running flat out to try and maintain the level.

IMG_4028With most of my jobs done it leaves plenty of time for exploring the local countryside with Molly and Hamish. I was hoping to find some field Mushrooms on my walks across the fields , but they seem to be a bit scarce this year. Maybe the unseasonal hot weather this year has had an effect on them.

IMG_4036One thing that are plentiful around here are Aircraft ,as we are on the main approach to Luton airport.

IMG_4040Sunset over Inca and with the temperature today reaching well over twenty degrees what a brilliant Summer we are having, and long may it last.                                      


                                                                                      Happy Days                                      


  1. that was a very nice blog enjoyed that. you certainly had a good mooring.

  2. Lovely post! The Wendover is one of our favorite places too. Amazing to see it nearly empty. Usually at this time of year it is rammed with continuous moorers. Note that since you are moored on the offside--not the towpath side--you should be able to stay there longer than the posted 48 hours. We've added your blog to the blog roll on our page and your boat to our boater's list. Thanks for saying hello and letting us know you read our blog and you also write one.

    Oh BTW the walk into Tring high street only takes about 15 minutes and there is a fabulous Italian restaurant there located adjacent to the Forge car park, called Francesco's. It is owned by an Italian family and the food is the real deal. Excellent! Could tide you over until Carolyn returns. :)
    Jaq Biggs
    NB Valerie

  3. I put that sign up a long time ago to let boaters know that thieves do work that stretch! NOT to keep it for my self! there were a spate of generators and sola panels stolen at the time.