Friday, 20 June 2014

Stat update and a new home port for Inca

It is now over 14 months since we moved aboard Narrowboat Inca and we have now travelled 1161 miles and been through 742 locks. Carolyn has operated 739 locks and I have done just 3. We are averaging the fantastic distance of 2.73 miles a day. I have emptied 204 toilet cassettes and Carolyn has emptied none. (Maybe we Should have had a pump out, but then you have to pay to have it emptied). We have run the engine in that time for 1155 hours , that also includes running the engine in the winter to charge the batteries. The engine uses almost exactly 1 litre an hour which I think is very good for a Beta 2 litre 43hp engine, although we only normally cruise at 1100 rpm….. Oh! and Carolyn reckons we have fallen out and argued about 200 300 400 times. We met a couple last week who said they had fallen out more times in 5 days on a narrowboat holiday than they had  in over 20 years of marriage……..The solar power has been brilliant and saved us a lot of money. At this time of year we do not need to run the engine at all as the 400 watts of solar power meets all our needs, even on a dull day in the summer we can get between 10 and 12 amps and when its sunny and the batteries are low we get over 25 amps. In the winter the solar just about runs the fridge and we need to generate the rest of the power with the engine or generator. I still think the panels look ugly on the roof , but needs must and if I had more room I would probably fit some more panels. It will take 2 or 3 years before the panels pay for themselves but I do believe it was a good investment.

to chirk 003Inca now has a new home port. She has never been there and will never ever go there. But we still think of Totnes as our home town. We have already had some great comments from people and are very happy that we have changed it.

to chirk 029Its always good to moor next to a bench where you can sit down and relax with a drink. Only problem was it was a alcohol free zone, which at the time we didn’t know …oops!

to chirk 031We spent a couple of days at Ellesmere with John and Anthea from Narrowboat Digitalis. It turned out their boat was built by Sabre narrowboats the same company that built Inca, and that certainly gave us a lot to talk about . What a lovely couple and we hope to meet up with them again in the future.

to chirk 041 We pulled pins on Thursday at 08.15 and headed back up the Llangollen towards Chirk. At  New Marton top lock Carolyn is on her way back to board Inca as these kind Americans told her to get on board and relax as they would do the lock.

Above the lock we came across Pete and Dawn from Narrowboat White Atlas. We haven't seen them since the winter and we had a good old chat catching up on what we have both been up to. It was good to see you both again and hopefully we will meet up again before too long.

to chirk 048One for our number one Grand daughter. Even though I call her Curly

to chirk 072Moored along from Marton lock and chilling before the England game. The less said about that the better.

to chirk 090On Friday we pulled pins at 08. 45 and headed towards chirk. We passed this chap on the way. Carolyn said that will be me in a few years time…He looks happy enough.

to chirk 099Crossing Chirk aqueduct and for some reason the steerer could not steer it over, so the crew guided it over with ropes…How bizarre !

We are now moored next to Chirk Marina and about half an hour from the Pontycysylite aqueduct where we will pick up my family in the morning. Looks like I am going to be an Italy supporter tonight. I think that could be difficult but………….. Come on Italy


                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. in a few years time????? you look like him now!!!

  2. sorry should have said that I thought it was you

    1. Thank you very much Nicolas for the kind comments......

  3. In April you met Nb Rearsby. I built it in 1972-77 from a bare hull. Did they say where it is moored long term? Thanks - John Urwin

    1. Hi john, I can't remember where it was moored ,but they were on their way to Blissworth to have some work on the hull .The owner had just put a new plywood skin on the cabin and it did look very good ..Carolyn thinks it was moored at Harefield but can't be sure..Regards Gary and Carolyn

  4. good blog liked all the statistics