Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Llangollen at last


pontycyste 29 -05-1014 067On Saturday morning we started walking into Llangollen and just around the corner from our mooring we came across this fall out…. The signs on this stretch of canal tell you to send a crew member along the tow path to make sure that the way is clear as it is only a single track canal….And guess what neither of these boats bothered, so as you can see tempers got a bit flared as they met in the narrows…

pontycyste 29 -05-1014 080When we got into Llangollen they were running a Thomas special on the railway and the kids were certainly enjoying themselves.


pontycyste 29 -05-1014 078This is the River Dee which runs through the centre of Llangollen.

pontycyste 29 -05-1014 081There is a lot of power in all that water and you can see why they hold a lot of canoeing events here.

pontycyste 29 -05-1014 084The town is a real tourist hotspot and a lot busier than we thought it would be.

pontycyste 29 -05-1014 090We walked up to the Gardens above the town and chilled in the beautiful sunshine and had an ice cream by the mighty River Dee.

Tomorrow we will get up early and move into the Basin at Llangollen and hopefully pick up a mooring for a couple of days. We also want to walk to Horseshoe falls where the water for the canal and the river Dee separate.

                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. that looked really lovely very picturesque. nice place to stay I should think. xxx

  2. It was absolutely beautiful and we look forward to going back again later in the month.....