Thursday, 5 June 2014

Basin bound

entering llangollen 003We pulled pins on Sunday morning from our mooring just outside of Llangollen at 07.30. With the narrows and single boat working for most of the way Carolyn went ahead to check that the way was clear for Inca to proceed. As soon as I got the all clear from her ladyship I was on my way.With the flow of the canal and the canal being so shallow it was slow going. The maximum depth of the canal is 23 inches, and Incas draft is 22 inches so there was only and inch to spare. If I opened the throttle too much the stern of the boat would go lower in the water with the extra power and catch the bottom, so it was just a case of easing off on the throttle and being patient and going through slowly.

red camera entering llangollen 029On a lovely sunny morning Inca comes through the narrows and on towards Llangollen.

entering llangollen 052The basin was about three quarters full so there was no problem getting a mooring. The first job was to get the electric connected and be on 230 volt power. Then it was on with the washing machine and tumble dryer. With no electric meter and all you pay is £12 all in for 48 hours we make the most of it.

entering llangollen 064On Sunday afternoon we walked the 2 miles from Llangollen to Horseshoe falls. These are manmade falls and it is where the water is diverted from the river Dee and into the canal.

entering llangollen 074It was a very hot day and Molly and Hamish were glad of a cool dip in the water.

entering llangollen 079Carolyn enjoyed a paddle , but it was far to cold for her to go in for a dip.

entering llangollen 083For some reason these paddlers were paddling upstream . Looked like bloody hard work to me. I thought the idea was to go with the flow like I always do.

entering llangollen 088You can go on the horse drawn narrow boat to the falls, but that cost money and we did it for nothing by walking….Mind you it did cost me a couple of ice creams when we got back to Llangollen. (we did say to this guy that he should start charging people a pound to take a photo)

entering llangollen 100Meanwhile back at the basin, This is the first time the rod has been out this year and after a few minutes I hooked this little big beauty, on a £5 fishing rod and a 40 year old reel……….Just the ticket.

red camera entering llangollen 043Opposite the basin is the Eisteddfod ground. A giant permanent tent that houses all sorts of events and music festivals throughout the year,and even Pavarotti performed here back in the 50s.

red camera entering llangollen 034On Monday afternoon we had a visit from Carolyn's brother Basil and his wife Jenny. It was so good to see them both. It was the first time they had seen Inca and they both seemed well impressed with her.They are staying at The Wild Pheasant Hotel in Llangollen . They stopped and had a cup of tea and a Welsh cake before returning to their hotel.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are going to pull pins early and head back down to Ellesmere and do a big shop at Tesco then try and book to get onto The Montgomery canal on Wednesday. They only allow 12 boats on the canal at any one time, and you have to ring and book your passage down the 4 locks onto The Monty.


                                                                                                                         Happy Days

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  1. well I must say that the photograpy excellent loved all the pictures and Carolyn was looking so happy to see Basil & Jenny