Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Celebrity boater


back to ellesmere16.06.2014 005With Carolyn back aboard Inca we decided on Sunday to have a walk up the Whitchurch arm and go into the town.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 020At the moment you can only travel about 200 yards before you come to the end of the arm.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 006But there are plans to build a new basin about 100 yards further on in this field. With the town being a mile away it’s a shame they cant get a bit closer,but a lot of the old canal has now been built on.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 007This is the memorial garden in the main park .

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 016This has to be one of the best kept parks we have come across on our travels so far.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 013Being Sunday most of the shops were closed, so it was my favorite type of shopping again……Window shopping !!

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 014And the church was very well looked after as well.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 015We saw this notice on one of the shops  ……     Daft sod should have gone to Devon a far better county.

back to ellesmere16.06.2014 048On Monday morning we pulled pins from Whitchurch at 07.45 and headed back to Ellesmere. On route we came across this fine looking beast having a cool down in the canal. He didn’t look that happy and gave us a right old funny look.

dddd 003After five and a half hours cruising we picked up this mooring opposite the Border counties maintenance depot and as it was Monday and the shops were open her ladyship had to go and have a wonder around the town and get her retail therapy.

john sargeant 002When we got back to Inca there was a familiar face sat on the boat opposite us.

john sargeant 011It was the broadcaster and strictly come dancing contestant John Sergeant. They were filming a new TV series for ITV which will be aired sometime next year. On our way up to Ellesmere we were filmed by the same camera crew going under one of the bridges and didn’t know why.We were also in this shot where John got off the boat then walked around the corner then came back again and got on the boat, it looked all very set up. So now Inca may get on TV.

john sargeant 013After filming that scene all John wanted to do was go and get some lunch. As soon as John and the crew drove off in the vans for lunch the boat he was being filmed on left with out him.  They returned in the vans later in the afternoon and filmed inside the buildings.

We are staying here for a couple of days and will yet again fill the cupboards with food and the wine cellar with the red stuff before we leave. We are then heading back up to Llangollen to meet up with my parents ,number one sister and brother in law ,who are coming up for a couple of days and want a trip (free) over the Pontcysyllte aqueduct and then into the Llangollen.


                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. Just to let you know mine's a White or Rose...........................

    1. Ok I will get a few bottles in (not)....

  2. Hi Gary & Carolyn. It was really good to meet you both and share some experiences. The blog is very impressive and I will read it all as soon I have a good data connection. We are presently just south of Harecastle Tunnel. Hope to catch up with you again in the near future. In the meantime take care and keep living the dream.. Kind regards John & Anthea - NB Digitalis