Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Peace and quiet on the Monty


monty 2 027After mooring outside the visitor centre we picked up this mooring a couple of hundred yards down the cut. It was a lot quieter and the dogs barked a lot less. One thing with having a pair of West Highland Terriers is that they bark at everything and every body that passes the boat. We have tried everything to stop them including machines that emit  high pitch noises, but they just seem to make them bark  longer and louder.

monty 2 004With the sun shinning we decided to walk to the end of the navigable canal. A new 440 metre section is due to open very soon and has just been put into water in the last week.

monty 2 006Although you will be able to cruise on for another three quarters of a mile this is the last place you can wind (turn).

monty 2 010This was the last section that was completed several years ago and as you can see it now looks very natural and you would never believe it has recently been restored.

monty 2 011Part of the new section. It has taken the canal society nearly 6 years to complete this section. It has a self repairing membrane to keep it water tight and that is held down in place by concrete blocks.

monty 2 013End of the line.

monty 2 018With stop planks in place at bridge 84 this is the end of the line and the next section is ready to be restored. The next section to be restored is 3 miles long and then that will join up with a section that is navigable and 13 miles long. But , the next 3 miles have 5 bridges that have been built since the canal closed and they are all too low for boats to pass under ,so this next few miles will be a massive challenge for the restoration.

monty 2 028On Thursday and Friday the weather was brilliant with temperatures in to the low twenties. But as usual it never lasts and on Saturday we woke up to Thunder lightning and heavy rain.Thankfully we have good TV and internet reception.

                                                                                                        Happy Days


  1. yes very peaceful and quiet there but looks very nice , but the last blog was the best one,

  2. The next one might be good , you never know what will happen next

  3. looks like some rather long locks to accommodate low bridge lock down , pass under, lock up ?

  4. Totally agree ,that would make sense. But the guy on the restoration team we spoke to said they are waiting for Highways to alter the bridges. In this day and age with not much money around I can't see that happening . Shame because it is a lovely canal.