Monday, 31 March 2014

Cream teas in Milton Keynes

We pulled pins at Cosgrove at 08.30 on Friday and headed towards Wolverton to do a big shop in Tesco. There are good moorings there and it is only a short distance to the shops.

milton march 14 021

This is us crossing the Cosgrove aqueduct. I just have to go over it slowly and stand on the side overlooking the drop. I am not brilliant with heights but you just have to do it. Carolyn was in her usual place down in the bedroom shouting “For Christ's sake get a move on” as she is no good at all with heights.

milton march 14 034

                                                            Approaching Wolverton and passing the now disused railway sheds.

milton march 14 036

                                                    We just managed to get on the end mooring in Wolverton.

milton march 14 035

                                                              This boat was moored there as well. Not the ideal way to attach a mooring rope.

milton march 14 041

                             After emptying Tesco's shelves and filling Incas we passed this chap on route to Gifford park…. He seemed happy enough.

milton march 14 044

We picked up this mooring just before the pub at Gifford park.The thing i like about this mooring is that there is a Chinese takeaway about 100 yards away. And if there is one thing i miss its a good curry.

milton march 14 057

After a good curry on Friday night we pulled pins at 09.15 on Saturday morning and made the short journey down to Milton Keynes and moored close to Paul and Lorna on nb India.We met them last year when we passed through on our way to London and always stop and enjoy a good chat when we are passing.

milton march 14 072

After mooring we went for a walk down to Willen lake and the water skiing where they are pulled around the lake with a over head cable. Well , I just had to have a go and this is me in action just coming off a jump.

milton march 14 079

I want one of these. We bumped into this guy flying this machine. I thought it was brilliant. It can fly for over 15 minutes at a height of 2000 feet and is about 18 inches long and has a camera that is linked up to an i-phone which is held on the remote control. Carolyn was all for me getting one until the guy said it was £900. Oh well ,I can always dream.

milton march 14 081

On Sunday afternoon Paul came over for a good old Devon cream tea made the correct way with the jam on the top of the cream and not under the cream like them silly bu**ers down in Cornwall do. Paul really enjoyed it ,  almost as much as i enjoyed his Irish Whiskey…Cheers Paul…..

milton march 14 085

When we looked out of the window on Monday morning we saw this mink going in and out of the rushes looking for birds and birds eggs. Nasty things !!!!

We are now about to pull pins and head down to Fenny Stratford. Carolyn enjoys the shops there so we will spend the day there and then decide what to do on Tuesday morning.

PS…… It wasn't me water skiing …..but i reckon i could have done it. (not)

                                                         Happy Days


  1. Hi GP and Mrs GP, good to see all going well but slightly concerned over your definition of a good curry---from a chinese ??? good curries come from Indian's or Thai ....the chinese do a great chinese though. Just Saying.
    News from us is that we have a date set for our wedding !!! it's on the sunniest day of the year which is forecast for 20th Sept and will involve much merriment. have been speaking to a few of your ex-colleagues who are threatening a raiding party up to see you at some stage ...could be a wet weekend i reckon.
    all the best,
    DC and Mrs DC (to be)

  2. Hello David
    Congratulations to you and Sara that is good news. I am sure it will be a good day and you will both really enjoy it. And the future together.
    As for the Chinese curry I just love them , But I also like a good Bhuna or Madras in fact I enjoy most curries.
    It's now been a year since I left SWW. Doesn't time fly......Must be I am getting old !!!!
    All the best...