Thursday, 6 March 2014

Arrrr me hearties

We have now been in Banbury for a week and Carolyn is in her element. She has everything she wants from every name of shop you can think of and the local sports centre with Gym and swimming pools. She has now signed up for Aquarobics as well as the Gym. It tires me out just thinking about it.We are here for another week as we have had to have the dogs inoculations brought up to date. As we had let them lapse they had to have the full course again which means they have to wait 2 full weeks between the first and second course.We did try to get the first one done here in Banbury and then travel back up to Rugby or Braunston and get the second jab done there, but it appears all vets use different vaccines and they are not compatible with each other.Anyway this is not such a bad place to be stuck for a couple of weeks.
banbury 2 002
                                                     With good weather forecast for the foreseeable future could this be the start of spring ?
banbury 2 007
                 The river Cherwell in Spiceball park. Many of the locals are saying they have never seen so much water going over the weir.
banbury 2 013
                     Nearly all of the 48 hour moorings are empty. Maybe they could be made into 5 or 7 day moorings just for the winter period.
banbury 2 022
                                           There is still plenty of water going over Banbury lock in the centre of the town.
banbury 2 019
                                                                    Arrrr me hearties !!!! and he is made from chain link fencing.
banbury 2 017
                                               The Historic Tooley’s boatyard . It seems so out of place in the middle of the Castle Quay shopping centre.
banbury 2 030
On Wednesday we had the Oxfordshire fire and rescue practising doing a rescue in the river Cherwell. The guy in charge said normally there are only a couple feet of water here so they thought they would take this opportunity to do some rescue practice.
banbury 2 036
                                                                Although it was a practice they did seem to enjoy themselves.
banbury 2 039
                                                                                                  I'm sure someone will get excited with this picture !.
There was commotion in the town centre this morning with Police all over the place. Overnight several shops were broken into in the main square. We just hope we are safe here where we are moored.
There is a museum in the shopping centre so this afternoon we are going for a visit and the best thing about it is that its free !….One of my favourite words.
                                                       Happy Days

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