Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mud glorious mud

On Monday at 09.00 and in full sunshine and light winds we pulled pins at Whilton and began our cruise south.
to nether 009
                                                                                  “Come on Carolyn Put your back in to it”…... And guess what her reply was !!.
to nether 013
                                                                                                  Smoking. The view when steering Inca.
to nether 014
                                                                                        Love the name……   Must be somewhere in Wales, me thinks.
to nether 020
                                                                            Canal side wall near Stowe hill….  I don't think i would employ this builder.
We ended up at Nether Heyford and spent all of Tuesday inside Inca due to the constant rain. The towpaths were drying out a treat and it was so good not to have mud everywhere but now we are back to the mud. We made an early start on Wednesday and headed towards Stoke Bruerne stopping off at Gayton junction to fill with water as Carolyn did a couple of washes whilst on route.
to cosgrove 005
          Just below Furnace Wharf we passed this boat. You may remember this is the boat that Guy Martin Messed up restored in his TV series.
to cosgrove 026
The picture above shows one of the left over rings from when part of the Blissworth tunnel was re-lined in the early eighties and shows the diameter of the tunnel and how it all locks together.We have been through the tunnel many times but this is the first time we have noticed it
We got absolutely soaked in the one and three quarter miles of the Blisswoth tunnel . It took us just under 30 minutes to go through as i wasn't hanging around to get any wetter . Molly and Hamish do not like tunnels at all and they just shake the whole time we are in one and Carolyn has to try and keep them calm. We have tried leaving them down in the boat but they seem less stressed out on the back with us.                                                           .
to cosgrove 033
                                                              Inca outside of Stoke Bruerne Museum waiting for the top lock to fill.
to cosgrove 035
                                                                On our mooring at Stoke Bruerne and Back to muddy towpaths.
After a good night at Stoke Bruerne we pulled pins on Thursday morning and after the first lock we teamed up with another boat and that made the locking down a lot easier. They had only been aboard for 5 days and they were on their way down to London ,we didn't get the guys name but the lady was called Susan. We hope you both enjoy your cruise down south.
to cosgrove 040
                                                                                 This is the best dressed horse we have ever seen.
to cosgrove 045
                         Simple……2 surf boards held together with a ladder, solar panel charging the batteries and an electric outboard.
to cosgrove 047
After nearly 4 hours we arrived at Cosgrove and just after getting moored the skies went black and then there was a thunder storm and heavy rain. We were lucky we never got caught out in that. We are not sure how long we will stay here but we have good TV and internet ,but and a big but, there aren't any shops for Carolyn, so i guess we may well be on the move again tomorrow.
                                                                 Happy Days

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