Monday, 10 March 2014

Banbury still

I am now getting desperate to move .Carolyn loves it here as she has just discovered even more shops. We will have to move on Thursday as our 14 days are up in this district .Molly and Hamish are booked in for their inoculations at 08.00 on Thursday morning , so by 09.00 i hope to be on the move and heading north. But in the meantime we are discovering the delights of Banbury.

banbury 3 001

                                                                                                        A visit to Banbury museum.

banbury 3 002

                                                                                                   That's the easiest lift bridge you will do.

banbury 3 003

                                                                                                               The real thing awaits.

banbury 3 004

                                                                                          A cock horse from Banbury.

banbury 3 006

                                                                              The museum is well worth a visit especially as its free.

banbury 3 008

                                            We had a look inside Tooley’s and I don't think much has changed here since Tom Rolt was here in the late thirties

banbury 3 010

                                                                                                     Can’t here any music.

banbury 3 011

                                                                                     Not sure what the frog is about.

banbury 3 012

                                                                                      Banbury cross in the back ground.

banbury 3 013

                                                                                                                       Bells on her toes.

banbury 3 014

                                                                                                              Ride a cock horse.

banbury 3 019

                                                                                                    There is still a lot of history in Banbury.

banbury 3 025

                                                                                                         “ I'm happy look at all the shops”.

banbury 3 021

                                                                                               The best shopping of all. ….Window shopping!!!

banbury 3 027

                                                                                                Inca on her mooring next to Spiceball park from Tom Rolt Bridge.

                                                                                                                   Happy Days

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