Thursday, 3 April 2014

Silly season starts

We pulled pins on Monday at 09.20 from Campbell park in Milton Keynes and cruised the short distance to Fenny Stratford after filling with water on the way.

stoke hammond 003

As soon as we arrived at Fenny Stratford we managed to pick up a 24 hour mooring which suited us just fine as we only planned to stay the night after Carolyn hits the shops . I was asked if i would like to join her ladyship at the shops and i thought what the hell go for it. I think the only reason she asks me is so that i can be her personal Carthorse and carry everything she buys. Anyway i did buy myself a pair of Croc plastic shoes, and very comfortable they are….. No comments please.

stoke hammond 006

          On Tuesday morning we pulled pins at 09.45 and headed towards Stoke Hammond and came across this…….. The end of Gulliver’s travels !!!

stoke hammond 017

We soon arrived at one of our favourite moorings at Stoke Hammond and after washing all of the Sahara sand off of Inca it wasn’t long before i was fishing in glorious sunshine and the mercury just nudging 20 deg C. There were Carp moving around in the reeds opposite our mooring but i couldn’t entice them onto my hook ….

stoke hammond 022

                                                                                The view from our port window across the Ouzel valley.

stoke hammond 026

The silly season has started. We have started to see loads of hire boats on the move. This hire boat moored in front of us and the crew went off walkabouts. And within ten minutes of them leaving the stern mooring pin had pulled out and the boat was wedged across the canal. Of course we did our good deed of the day and pulled it back in and securely moored it.

stoke hammond 059

               We had this Mandarin duck for company and he kept pecking on the hull for us to feed him…… What a handsome chap he is.

stoke hammond 062

                                              And here he is with his Mrs…Funny how females are not as good looking as males.

stoke hammond 065

After a day of chilling out at Stoke Hammond on Wednesday we pulled pins on Thursday morning and winded (turned) and headed back north. After Carolyn moved the bridge in the centre of the lock at Fenny we locked down and headed towards Giffard park.

stoke hammond 069

                                                                           We passed this boat ….Another great name.

gifford park 001

                                                Carolyn in the distance walking Molly and Hamish in Great Linford Park opposite our mooring for the night.

Tonight is Chinese takeaway night and yes David i am going to have a Chinese curry. I have not decided what to have with it but it will have to compliment the Marques del Norte Rioja that we have just opened.

                                          Happy Days

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