Sunday, 23 March 2014

A life sentence !!!

We pulled pins at 08.30 on Friday and moved the short distance into Braunston. We were lucky and picked up a mooring opposite The Boathouse pub.

braunston 002

                                                                                                                The approach to Braunston.

braunston 006

                                       One for the lads at SWW……………Braunston STW and what a well kept site .(Is that a copa clarifier on the right?)                         

braunston 010

                               The junction at Braunston  , left takes you to Rugby and the North and right takes you to Leicester or south to London.

braunston 037

On Friday the 21st of March it was our 33rd wedding anniversary. So i had to take Carolyn out for lunch. As you can see i am telling her that she hasn't changed a bit in all that time and how lucky she is to be married to me!!…….. Or more like it, How lucky i am to be married to her !!!.

We got married at Newton Abbot registry office and had the reception in the upstairs room of Harberton constitutional club near Totnes in 1981. The food for the reception cost Carolyn's mum and dad £1 a head. So the cost of our lunch today would have fed nearly everyone there.

braunston 038

                                                                     It was good to sit and eat lunch while looking at our home.

We then had a walk up to the chandlery just to buy some toilet blue but ended up spending another £50 on polish and other boat bits and pieces. It was then back to Inca and doing things that you do on your Anniversary…..No not that ….I meant a glass or two of vino and fall asleep in the chair.

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Happy Anniversary both, glad you had a good day. Have a good trip :-)

  2. Hi Del and Al
    Thanks a lot for that, Sorry we didn't make it up the Plough , but hope to bump into you again soon..

  3. Hi Gary and Carolyn. Enjoying your insights into canal life. We plan the same adventure as yourselves when our children have grown up and flown the nest (in approx 11 - 12 years!!) In the mean time I content myself with your blog, the odd boating mag, and the odd trip to the a canal or boatyard. I was at Debdale with the family just last Saturday. I used to play there as a kid. When are you going to be there with Inca? It would be nice to have a chat and a look at yer boat. Maybe we could hook up if you're hanging around. Happy boating/blogging. Neil

    1. Hi Neil..
      Good to hear from you. It took us over 10 years from deciding on this way of live to getting to where we are now..The time will soon pass. We are booked in to Debdale on the 14th but not sure when we will get there. When the work is being done we can't stay aboard because of the grit blasting ,so we are off to visit family for the week. We could be coming down Foxton on the13th but not sure at the moment.
      Gary and Carolyn