Friday, 14 March 2014

On the move at last

On Monday with the water level in the tank touching zero we moved down the lock and filled up at the water point and then onto the winding hole to turn and then back up the lock and hopefully pick up the same mooring as we need to stay here until Thursday for the dogs jabs.

leaving banbury 012

                                                                                           Before the lock is the hydraulic lift bridge.

leaving banbury 007

                                                                                      Then we dropped down the lock and onto the water point.

leaving banbury 008

                                              After winding it was back up through the lock and then we luckily got back on the same mooring.

leaving banbury 013

                                                                                    Things certainly got wetter this winter.

leaving banbury 015

                                                          We know a little girl called Curly (number 1 Granddaughter) but i don't think she sells potatoes.

leaving banbury 024

                Leaving Banbury and passing Timothy west and Prunella Scales boat. (Their new series on more4 is brilliant… Mondays at 21.00)

On Thursday after 2 weeks it was time to leave Banbury. Carolyn took Molly and Hamish up for their jabs at 08.00 and was back half an hour later. But with the fog so thick we never pulled pins until 09.55. It was so good to be moving again after all that time stood still. Although Carolyn could probably have stayed longer. But the rules say we can only spend 14 days in one area/district as we are continuous cruisers.

leaving banbury 030

                                                                      It wasn't long before we spotted this lot and soon had it on the roof.

leaving banbury 031

          Carolyn bringing Inca out of a lock which must mean I'm doing a lock for a change and look at that wood, not much room left on the roof.

leaving banbury 045

                                                                           Entering Cropredy there’s not much holding this wall up.

We filled with water again at Cropredy as we intend to spend a few days out in the country . We also had a cassette to empty but the elsan was out of order, but behind the building we found there was the elsan manhole so it got emptied down there ….sorted.

leaving banbury 049

                                                                                                The locals are a friendly lot !!

leaving banbury 046

                                                                                 These are the first primroses we have seen this year.

After 4 hours of cruising we found a good mooring in the long pound between Elkington’s lock and Bottom lock of the Claydon 5 locks. We spent the next couple of hours cutting up most of the wood. With me on the chainsaw and axe and Carolyn loading the roof we were like a well oiled machine . We then crashed out with a bottle or two of Californian ruby cabernet and Spurs getting well and truly outclassed by Benfica. Oh well with local derby against Arsenal on Sunday and the return with Benfica next week it should be interesting….Come on you Spurs

                                                                    Happy Days

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