Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Test passed

With very high winds we sat it out on the outskirts of Braunston. It is amazing how many boats move in bad weather. If you have ever steered a narrow boat you will know that in high winds once the wind catches the side of the boat it is a nightmare to control.
braunston 2 004
This boat moored up in front of us on Friday evening and tried to leave on Saturday morning in very strong winds. The problems for them started after they had released their bow rope and then were unable to release the stern rope and as you can see the wind caught the boat and took her into the far bank. Eventually after releasing the mooring rope they unsuccessfully tried to pull away, but because of the angle they were at and the force of the wind they ended up on our bow across the canal. I ended going out and helping one of the crew to get the bow back and eventually they got off.
braunston 2 028
                                                                                                    The view to Braunston from the bottom lock .
On Sunday the winds dropped and the sun came out and we had a glorious winters day. We pulled pins at 09.30 and headed around to the 48 hour moorings in Braunston. With the weather so good we had a good walk up the canal and around the village.
braunston 2 024
                                                           The view from the bottom lock looking up the Braunston flight of locks.
braunston 2 014
                  On Monday morning we moved the 100 yards on to the wharf at JG Marine where we are having our Bss carried out.
braunston 2 032
                                                                The wibbly wobbly walkway that Carolyn has trouble walking on.
braunston 2 040
And Inca nearly flew through the test. The only problem was that there was no label on the diesel filler cap. So after getting one fitted we passed with flying colours and what a relief that was. We now have 4 years before we need another test.
A couple of months ago when i was doing my engine checks i started to notice small amounts of oil in the cooling water. If you know anything about engines you will know that usually means head gasket or something more serious. Over the weeks it has been getting worse and worse. Then i found out that the oil in the gearbox was disappearing and with no visible leaks it had to be going somewhere. It turns out that the oil in the gearbox gets very hot and to cool it down the oil goes through an oil cooler.The oil is cooled by the engine cooling water, So this had to be how the oil was getting into the cooling water.
After Justin did our Bss he removed the oil cooler and did a pressure test on it and sure enough oil leaked through the seals and into the water side of the cooler.
braunston 2 037
                                                                                                                The faulty oil cooler.
             We could have  had a go at fitting new seal inside the cooler but decided to get a new one from Beta the makers of the engine.
braunston 2 034
                                                                               Justin in action fitting our new gearbox oil cooler.
braunston 2 036
Apart from being the wrong colour the new cooler had metal where the water hoses attached ,where as the old one is plastic. After an hour Justin had it all fitted and tested and all seems now ok.
We Have been told that we can stay on the wharf until the weekend . So with Chloe and Curly coming up for a few days it is an ideal place as there is safe car parking and no muddy towpaths.
                                                          Happy Days

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