Monday, 10 February 2014

Let down

We are still moored at Brownsover in Rugby as it seems Carolyn still hasn't had enough retail therapy. You may remember in my last post that i had reserved a new iPad at Curry's. We went to the shop to pick it up only to be told they didn't have it in stock . The shop assistant explained “Our web site was a bit of a joke and did this all the time”. Ok then when can you get me one ? .He checked the warehouse and there were none there and he said maybe next Thursday and then maybe not. I then asked which models of the iPad Air they had in stock as i was prepared to pay a bit more and have a higher spec model. After checking the 8 different iPad Airs they advertised in store they only had one 16 gb model in store and with a lot of apps being HD apparently 16 gb does not offer enough storage space……. Thanks a lot Mr Curry's i feel really let down and will now go elsewhere……..

rugby 2 002

                                                                                  Our mooring from the other side of the canal.

rugby 2 008

                                                                                                 That certainly brightens up an underpass.

rugby 2 018

          With Rugby being famous for egg chasing (Rugby the game) there are a lot of reminders as you travel through the town.

rugby 2 015

                                           The other thing rugby is famous for is its cement. And the cement factory really does dominate the skyline.

iPad update

We will be staying here until Thursday. Carolyn was in Tesco and asked if they could get an iPad delivered to store and low and behold they said yes.She paid for it and we can pick it up on Wednesday….. Fingers crossed that Mr Tesco does better than Mr currys.      Watch this space !!!!!

                                                                         Happy Days


  1. I'm no expert, but I suspect you could make a claim against Curry's for the journey and the cost of your time (which will depend on you, but could be anything from minimum wage upwards) . Making a small claim is very easy and can be done online ( You have to have approached Curry's first, but you may find they'll just pay out, especially as you were told they knew their website was dodgy.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the link I will check it out. It was just the disappointment of not getting it. I have looked at iPads for months and months and living on a boat it can be difficult to get to large shops sometimes. So when the chance arrived and I was let down like that it did annoy me a bit . Still hopefully Tesco will be able to get one for me.
    Regards Gary

  3. Hi GP and Mrs GP....still following your blog and always good to read / see where you are. i hope that you manage to avoid the floods - it might sound bizarre living on a boat etc but i guess flooded canals are everywhere in the affected areas, are the floods limiting your choice of mooring.
    hope the iPad lives up to expectation...i've resisted but have a mac are expensive but for me very much worth it.
    Have just stocked up on a good selection of tinto and blanco from the co-op and will raise a glass to you later with Mrs Dave.
    keep on blogging GP.
    all the best.

    1. Hello Mr and Mrs David
      Good to hear from you...We have had some moments with canal levels and there are now a few sections closed due to flow over locks and where there are river sections but on the whole ok, the secret is to stay away from the rivers. Its the muddy towpaths which are the biggest pain, and with small 2 dogs they get plastered.
      The main reason for the iPad is it lasts 10 hours on a charge. I have a 17" sony vaio that I only bought at the beginning of last year but it just drinks the power .
      As for the old vino ,just got a case of Pinotage and several bottles of Tesco Cotes du Rhone. cheapies but not a bad red.
      Will also raise a glass to you both.......