Saturday, 8 February 2014


On Thursday we pulled pins at 09.00 and left Braunston and headed towards Hillmorton.The plan is to spend the night at Hillmorton then on Friday morning  move onto Rugby for Carolyn to have some retail therapy.

to rugby 004

                                                             Passing the entrance to Braunston marina then onto the water point to top up the tank.

to rugby 009

                 The towpaths around Braunston are getting worse. Surely on official mooring sites Canal and River Trust could put a hard-core base down.

to rugby 020

                           We passed this gold on route and only had room for a few bits on the roof. It really broke my heart to leave all that free wood.

to rugby 034

As soon as we arrived at Hillmorton we set about sawing up all the wood on the roof. With the cratch full of wood we now have a bit more room on the roof .

to rugby 040

After a very stormy and wet night we woke to the boat tilting over towards the bank. The canal had risen so much that the mooring ropes had all gone tight and pulling Inca over. We do tend to keep the mooring ropes tight so the boat stays close to the bank to make it easy for the dogs to get on and off.

to rugby 043

                                                                 There's so much water its flowing over the top gates at Hillmorton locks.

to rugby 044

                                                                                                                     I guess it does.

to rugby 049

We passed the moorings at Rugby then winded (turned) in the winding hole as Rugby was as far as we where going to go up The North Oxford canal. We then picked up this mooring opposite the park at Brownsover. There is a Tesco a couple of hundred yards away then across a small bridge over the river Avon there is a retail park with loads of shops for her Ladyship.

I am even going shopping myself. I have a laptop that i use all the time but it is so power hungry that i have decided to buy a new iPad. With a Curry's just down the road I have picked out the one i want its the iPad Air 64 gb and i have checked on line that Curry's have one in stock . Its now reserved so i can pick it up in an hour. Just the ticket!

                                                    Happy Days