Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Roundbottom ?

We pulled pins at 09.00 0n Sunday from our mooring near Flecknoe and headed towards Napton locks.

to croperdy 007

                        Just before Napton junction we saw this chap watching us from behind the bushes. We think its a Muntjac deer.

to croperdy 024

                At Napton bottom lock after filling with water i quickly grabbed the windlass and Carolyn brought Inca into the lock. Didn't she do well !.

to croperdy 032

The view back towards Napton on the Hill.The church on the top of the hill was originally going to be built on the village green but apparently in the 13th century the Devil carried all the stones to the present site where the church is now built.

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At the top of the Napton flight it is then 11 twisty miles on the summit of the South oxford canal to Claydon locks. If you were to walk in a straight line it is only 4 miles from lock to lock. If you like to be out in the sticks then this is the place for you, there is just mile after mile of nothing except countryside and some stunning views back towards Napton on the Hill. We really did enjoy this section of canal and spent a couple of days getting over the summit.

to croperdy 056

                                          We agree…What a waste of money and needless destruction of the Countryside.

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                                             We struck gold on the way .The roof is looking a lot more healthy now.But there is still room for more wood.

to croperdy 067

After passing through Fenny Compton you then enter Fenny Compton tunnel. Well it used to be a 1000 yard tunnel until they removed the roof many years ago. It is now just a long narrow cutting.

to croperdy 081

                  What a sad sight….. Just above Varneys lock on the way down into Cropredy. All of the owners belongings are still on-board.

to croperdy 086

                           On Wednesday after 6 hours cruising we eventually made it down the locks to Cropredy and had a walk around the village.

to croperdy 090

                                                                                                                 Red Lion Street in Cropredy.

to croperdy 088

                              We came across this road.  I would so love to leave a comment …..But i value my life too much.

We are now on our way to Banbury and should get there on Thursday if all goes to plan as it is only 3 hours from Cropredy.  And guess what Banbury is full of that Carolyn loves ?………Yes that's right …  SHOPS.

                                                                    Happy Days


  1. you did well Carolyn,how sad to see that narrowboat you think someone would clear the place up. just hoping this going to go through. . good blog as usual, mum

    1. Didn't you do well. What a good comment.................