Saturday, 22 February 2014

Curly’s visit

We had our BSS on Monday and the Gearbox oil cooler fitted on Tuesday and then on Wednesday daughter Chloe and number one Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) were coming to visit. Justin Green of JG marine kindly allowed us to stay on the wharf until Saturday.

curly 021

                                                The view of the old pumping station and the bottom lock from our front room window.

curly 011

                                                                                     Wednesday afternoon and Chloe and Curly arrived.

curly 026

On Friday Carolyn and Chloe had a day out for some mother/daughter time. Which left Myself and Curly with some Granddad and Granddaughter time.

curly 030

We had a walk around Braunston marina and came across nb Raymond and nb Nutfield. They are both very old boats and Curly was very impressed with them and we looked them up on the internet and we found out that you can join the friends of Raymond.

curly 033

                                                                             Curly on the bridge over the entrance to Braunston marina.

curly 036

                                                                                                  “I love these two dogs”.

curly 041

                                                                                                     What beautiful flowers.

curly 046

                                                                                                                     Go on jump Curly !!!….. and she did.

curly 049

                                                                                               “Granddad can you buy me a Horse” ? ……………..( “No chance sweetheart”).

curly 052


curly 053

                                                                           It was then back to Inca and the building of a Lego boat.

On Saturday morning Chloe and Curly headed back down to Devon. We reversed Inca back to the Braunston marina entry where we winded (turned) and headed towards the South Oxford Canal. We intend to make our way down to Banbury. We have not been on the South Oxford canal so it will be all new to us. There is something really exciting about not knowing what's around the next corner.

                                                Happy Days

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