Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sad old Git

While waiting for Tesco to get the iPad we had ordered i was told that i had to go and look around the shops at Brownsover. “But i don't want anything” . …“That doesn't matter you are coming” said her ladyship.

rugby 3 003

After passing Tesco and walking Across the bridge over the river Avon we came upon this place.This is the closest i have been to a cinema for 34 years. The last time i went to a cinema was to watch Friday the 13th in 1980. At that time we bought a video recorder which cost over £600 and back then that was a lot of money. I said at the time now we have a video we don't need to go to the cinema again. Then Sky TV came along and we had all the movie channels so i would always wait for the films to come on to Sky. (Carolyn says I'm a right sad old Git ).

Anyway….I did go into a Maplin, The Range, Brantano, and TK Maxx  all for the first time….. WOW what an experience !!!  (not)

rugby 3 007

                                                                                              I wouldn't leave my bike here.

rugby 3 011

Hedge cutting…. There was a gang of seven men cutting the towpath hedge. 4 of them had hedge cutters then there was one on the flail chopping up the cuttings then 2 men blowing the bits in to the side with petrol blowers on their backs. They certainly were efficient.

On Wednesday good old Mr Tesco came up trumps with my new iPad. It should have been in at 4 pm but Carolyn asked in the morning if they had any news on it and they said yes its here… Result !!

We pulled pins early on Thursday morning and headed for Hillmorton where we needed to fill with water and get rid of rubbish and waste. After 6 days in Rugby we were starting to get low on water and full of the other.

It was really good to finally meet Del and Al from nb Derwent6. We have followed their blog from when they started. We had a good talk at the water point and we hope to meet up with you both again.

rugby 3 016

                                                                                      I sometimes wish she could be……..Only joking dearest.

rugby 3 019

                                                                                          I know several Pratt's…….!!!!!

rugby 3 035

                                                      Not your normal boat on the cut . Not sure what its meant to be but it sure is different.

to braunston 006

                                    The view to Braunston church from our window on our present mooring just outside of the village.

On Monday we have Inca’s first Bss test which is every 4 years (similar to a car mot) in Braunston so we will stay here for a day or two then move into Braunston village then on to JG Marine on Monday morning for our test……GOOD LUCK INCA.

                                                              Happy Days

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