Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ghosts and echoes

On Saturday after leaving Braunston we headed to a mooring we last used and enjoyed back in April. We are between bridges 100 and 101 and next to the former course of the Weedon-Leamington railway line (LNWR) and are on the Grand Union/Oxford canal section near Flecknoe. We have brilliant views across the Warwickshire countryside. The weather on Saturday was glorious so i spent the afternoon sorting and cleaning the roof while Carolyn sorted and cleaned inside.

flecknoe 004

Inca on our mooring….. The towpath here is very good and wide so its great not to have mud from the dogs everywhere. After having mains electric for a week we are now back on battery power and watching every amp we use. I must admit it was good being on mains electric for the week. We even had the TV on in the day to watch the Olympics and all the lights on at night .

flecknoe 002

The view from our mooring. This is a very remote mooring which we really enjoy. Apparently there are Ghosts and echoes everywhere around here with abandoned Railways ,lost villages and the Medieval church of St Peter. We have not seen any Ghosts yet but i will keep the camera handy just in case one decides to put in an appearance…….What a good blog post that would be.

flecknoe 009

                                                         On Sunday the wind really picked up as you can see by the waves on the canal.

carolyn 001

                            In all the wind on Sunday this boat passed us…What a funny name for a boat…..Just got to find one called Gary now.

flecknoe 006

When we were in Braunston we did the usual trip to the Chandlers (A boat shop that sells boat bits at twice the price as a normal shop). I needed a spare air cleaner for the engine as i had fitted the previous spare. The air cleaner was only a tenner but some how i ended spending over a hundred quid. Two things i bought was new aerial cable and an extendable aerial mast for our Freeview TV . The new aerial which is only about 18 inches long has been performing brilliantly and i am really surprised how such a small aerial with no booster gives a perfect picture nearly all the time. We can now get the aerial 3 meters above the boat roof if we are in a weak signal area. The aerial is then connected to a bush recordable Freeview box on which we can record over 200 hours of TV. I have now wired the Freeview box into the boat 12 volt system which saves on electric and avoids having to run it through an inverter .

And if all of that fails we still have the back up of the Satellite.

With high winds and heavy rain forecast for today (Sunday) and a reasonable internet connection so i can watch Spurs this afternoon we will stay here until tomorrow then head out past Napton Junction and onto the South Oxford.

                                          Happy Days


To Tony and Maureen…..Your 13 weeks in India are nearly over. It will soon be time to pack your bags and head back to the good old British weather.

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