Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Chilling and walking

We are still moored at Nether Heyford and are enjoying bouts of winter sun . Carolyn has booked in to get her hair done tomorrow at 09.30 in the village so after that we will pull pins and continue our journey down the Grand union canal.

 Our time here has been taken up by chilling out, walking, walking and more walking and a bit more chilling. But with views like this it is well worth it.

                Just around the corner from our mooring we came across this part of the canal frozen over.

                                                                               Carolyn still searching out my final resting place .

                                       This weather vane on Nether heyford church is one of the best we have seen.

                                                  There is a very good one stop shop and Post office in the village.

                                   Also there is a hairdresser's butcher's and baker's. But no candlestick maker.

 When we were down in Devon we bought a new chainsaw. And what a difference to the old one. It cuts through the wood like it was going through butter.

 Being one for gadgets I picked up this Stihl moisture meter to go with the Stihl saw. All wood that you burn needs to be less than 20% moisture content to avoid filling your chimney with tar and creating vast amounts of smoke. The tar also runs down the outside of the boat and looks horrible. At 25% this log will have to season for a bit longer.

It was good to get a mention and a link to our blog in November's TOWPATH TALK the newspaper for waterways users. It relates to the fitting of our solar panels. (Fame at last).

The panels as you would expect are not putting a lot in to the batteries at this time of year. Although when we get full sun we are seeing 8 amps and in cloud at most just 1 or 2 amps, but every little helps.

                                          Happy Days




  1. sorry Gary...fell asleep in the middle of reading the last blog...sorry I missed you when you came down..perks of being the boss I suppose...let me know when you are down next and you can buy me a pint

  2. Dear Nicholas
    You really need to get to bed earlier if you keep falling asleep. I hope you don't fall asleep at work like I used to .lol .

    It will be my pleasure to buy you a pint even though I am now a poor old pennon pensioner.

    I suppose it must nearly be time to dust off the Santa outfit and head off out into the area's to hand out the lads Christmas presents ? At least you wont have to worry about what to get me this year.

    You always were my favourite manager !!!