Thursday, 21 November 2013

Norton Junction

We are still moored at Norton junction. We were going to move today but we have an appointment with Wilson covers on Friday morning. Wilson's are the company that fitted our rear pram cover . We first contacted them in August and they came to measure up on the 3rd of September. The cover was then fitted on the 4th October but during this time we had 2 appointments cancelled after we had got to a good mooring for ease of access for them . Some parts were missing when it was fitted on the 4th of October but they promised to come back the following week and fit the parts. We paid them the full amount which was over £1100 and waited for them to arrange a visit. After a couple of weeks of hearing nothing we contacted them and they promised to get back to us which they didn't . Another phone call this week and they promised us it would be Friday.
 So that will be several phone calls, 2 cancelled appointments and 4 visits. And from our initial call to Wilson's it will be nearly 3 months. We can not fault the cover or workmanship in any way , but the service has not been the best and I think we would certainly think twice before using them again.......End of rant.

                                                         Our 48 hour mooring for a few couple of days at Norton junction.

 Looking back to the Junction. This end just next to the lock started to freeze on Tuesday night when the temperature dropped to minus 2 .

        We have had a couple of days of very good weather and we have been out walking and making the most of it. The sun has been putting between 5 and 7 amps into the battery bank when it has been direct onto the panels so that free electric is most welcome.

On Wednesday it rained for most of the day but that gave us the chance to catch up on some maintenance. We have now changed the gearbox oil as the engine has now done over 750 hours. We bought a small hand pump to suck the oil out of the filler bung and this made the job a lot easier and saved a mess in the bilge. The oil came out looking very black so it certainly needed doing. We will see if it makes the gearbox any better when we next move. I have also tidied up the roof as it was looking so untidy. Now the cycles have gone back to Devon for their winter visit it now looks a lot better on top.

Now fingers crossed that Wilsons turn up in the morning. We will then move down through the Buckby flight of locks and moor at Whilton. Carolyn wants to visit the farm shop and I could do with a couple of bits from the chandlers (Strange how I can't pass a chandlers without going in even if I don't want anything). We may spend the night at Whilton depending on what time of day it is. The only problem with Whilton is that you have the M1 Motorway 100 meters away on one side and the High speed trains 100 meters on the other side. But then after a few glasses of wine the noise tends to stop.

                                      Happy Days


  1. What a great blog

  2. sorry I fell asleep reading

    1. Hello Nicholas
      That's funny because I used to fall asleep in my van when I was working for you !!!