Sunday, 24 November 2013

To Nether Heyford

Friday started with a heavy frost and a visit from Wilson's the makers of our rear pram cover . They fitted the zip ends and also fitted the tube covers so after 3 months the cover is now complete. We then pulled pins at 10.45 and made our way down the Buckby flight of locks.

This is one of the heaviest gates on the flight and what a struggle it was. If only I could have jumped off to help !. And look at those lazy little dogs.

When we got down to the bottom of the flight Carolyn spotted this chap. And no we are not having one, it will not fit on the boat roof Carolyn.
                                                                  That's one way to mount the engine. Directly onto the tiller.
                                                               Whilton bottom lock over flowing. Carolyn off to investigate.

                           Are you still awake Nicholas ?  

On route to the Chandlers we came across this tanker taking out the elsan holding tank.. That brings back some old memories.

On Friday afternoon we visited the Chandlers, the Farm shop and for some reason we had to go to the garden centre, Just to look around apparently although we did end up buying a couple of sets of battery operated Christmas lights. (Who said I was worse than Scrooge)

We spent the night at Whilton then pulled pins at 10.15 on Saturday morning. The temperature was just nudging 3 deg but the sun was out which made it feel a lot warmer. We stopped off in Weedon bec to pick up a few supplies and then another couple of stops to pick up wood we found on the towpath.

We eventually arrived at our present mooring which is just outside of Nether Heyford. Not long after mooring we had a visit from Ryan on the coal boat. We bought 5 more bags of coal a gas canister, diesel and toilet blue. They give cold weather coming next week but we should be OK.......Fingers crossed.

                                            Happy Days


  1. All looking very calm and stress free.Looks like your gearing up for winter fingers crossed for you both.

    1. Hi Stan
      A bit of ice on the cut this morning but nice and warm aboard. All going ok.....

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Nicholas
      Glad you got to the end without dropping off.