Monday, 2 December 2013

Back to Grafton

We left Nether Heyford on Wednesday after Carolyn had her hair done (and how lovely it looked) and found a rural mooring just before Gayton junction.
grafton december 013                          The mooring is very rural which we just love. The only down side is the proximity of the trains. But you soon get used to them.

grafton december 017On Thursday morning we used the facilities at Gayton Junction and then on to Blissworth to pick up a few supplies in the village shop. Yes that is me pulling a shopping trolley.  No comments please….
We then moved on through the Blissworth tunnel and on to Stoke Bruerne . We have never seen it so empty above the top lock with only one boat apart from the working boats which are moored there. We went down through the first 2 locks and moored for the night.
grafton december 045On Friday morning we pulled pins at 08.45 and headed down the rest of the Stoke Bruerne flight of locks and then onto Grafton Regis and our most favourite mooring in all the world. There are no other boats within half a mile and with good TV reception and over 20 megs of internet it is just perfect.
grafton december 030                                                                                           The view from our port window.
grafton december 025                                                                                           The view from our starboard window.
grafton december 022Not long after mooring molly decided to fall in the canal. I have never seen Carolyn move so fast to get her out. She is ok it was just a bit of a shock for her.

grafton december 040               On Sunday morning this boat went by. The boat is called Dover and it featured in a Television series where it went through a total restoration. .
grafton december 054
Another good thing with this mooring is the abundant wild life. We have spent the whole weekend watching this Kingfisher. He has even been fishing off the side of Inca and it was brilliant to see him dive in and catch a fish only a couple of feet away from our eyes. Carolyn tried for hours to get some photos but they are so fast. In the end she managed to get the one above.
grafton december 057                                                           This little chap kept visiting us all week end and was very tame.
We now have a plan…… We will pull pins on Tuesday morning and head through Cosgrove and onto Wolverton where we will turn around do a Tesco shop and then move back to Cosgrove and pick up a mooring. The weather is supposed to be getting a lot colder by the end of the week and as Cosgrove has water and waste facilities its a good place to get frozen in. But lets hope that doesn't happen.
                                                               Happy Days

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