Monday, 18 November 2013

On the cut

Crick marina is a very good marina and after talking to many of the residents there they certainly recommended living there. We had a couple of days on Inca in the marina and could see the benefits especially the electric , water and all the other amenities. The other thing they all said was that it would not be very good without a car and that is one thing we definitely do not want. We would also get a bit of cabin fever if we stayed in one place to long.

We left the mooring at the marina at 09.00 just as it started to mizzle (mist and drizzle). We started off by getting Inca wedged between the boat next to us and the bank behind us but after getting off and pulling like mad we eventually got unstuck. Then we had a quick look around to make sure nobody had seen what a mess we had made of getting off the mooring. Luckily I don't think anyone saw us.

After Crick tunnel its not long until you get to Watford locks. This is where there is a kind volunteer lock keeper to help you down the flight of locks.

                                             Carolyn setting the top lock while the lockie sets the staircase locks.

On the staircase locks there are different coloured paddles. The paddles must be operated in the correct order and there is a saying so that you don't forget ... Red before white and you will be alright...............and................White before red and you will be dead.
All was going fine and Carolyn was having a good old chat with the lockie as we descended the flight. He had a pair of Westie dogs like us . Then at the third staircase lock down someone lost concentration and started to do white before red!!!!..............well luckily we are not dead.

                                                                       This coal boat is the only boat we passed all day.

                                                                                                   Not many leaves left to fall.

              We saw this dog just before Norton junction he was having a good swim in the canal.

When we arrived at Norton junction there were plenty of moorings on the Leicester arm but the towpath was a bit muddy so while Carolyn held Inca I walked around the corner to see if there was any available moorings on the junction where there is a good towpath/road. There were plenty of moorings available so Carolyn decided to steer Inca around the corner and onto the mooring, and what a good job she did ..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Today we cruised for three and a half hours and now have a good mooring with good TV reception and 9 mb/s of internet. The weather tomorrow is going to be fine and sunny but cold, then on Wednesday there are high winds and heavy rain forecast .                                                                
We don't have any plans set In stone for the rest of the winter . The only plan we have is to cruise  down to Milton Keynes and then as far as Leighton Buzzard then decide from there what to do next .                                                                                                                                                                                             .                                                                      
Happy Days                                                            


  1. Hi reading your blog with interest. We are at Milton Keynes at the mo. Was interested to read about your family members who will be dancing on a cruise ship in January. We are going on a cruise in January on the Queen Elizabeth. Will we see them?

  2. Hi Jill AND Paul
    Yes they are on the same boat. You can see Matt and his girlfriend on our blog.....Small world isn't it...We told him that you were on the same boat . It would be good if you met them, they are both good kids....Catch up with you later

  3. hi GP...still reading with interest. Glad you had a good time in Devon last week, would have been good to catch u p but never mind. i guess the wine cellar is all topped up again. i read somewhere that they give it the coldest winter in 60 years, if thats the case, is there a warmer part of the country to aim to be in ?.good to see all is well. all the best to you and mrs GP.

    1. Hi David
      Sorry about missing you, I didn't realise that it was a get together like it was and was very surprised to see so many there. Hopefully we can catch up with you at a later date. Don't forget if ever you are up this way the kettle is always on. Or should I say the wine cellar is always open.
      We had minus 2 last night and the fire stayed in all night just ticking over, and kept the temperature up to 20 deg onboard. So I don't think we will go cold. We have a good supply of coal and we try to keep at least 3 weeks worth in reserve.
      Good to hear from you.....Keep well.