Sunday, 17 November 2013

Back to Inca

On Saturday we made our way back to Crick marina to pick up Inca. After Chloe's trip to New York she was so tired and swollen that she couldn't drive us back. Carolyn's brother Michael and sister in law Lorraine kindly offered to drive us back up. We set off at 09.00 and got back at 15.00 after finding the M42 closed and going miles out of our way.
When we got to the marina we were joined by one of Michael and Lorraine's son's Matthew and his girlfriend Valentina and their friend Nicola who is a singer. They were on their way down to London to perform on tonight's X-Factor. Matt and Valentina are both very good dancers and in January they are off performing on a world cruise ......Lucky them.

                                                Left to right.....Michael, Valentina, Nicola, Matt, Lorraine and Carolyn.

We had a chat and a cup off tea and before long it was time to say good-bye. Thank you very very much for dropping us back we really appreciate you doing it.

On Sunday we had a very busy day. It seemed like we had been away for months not just a week. In the afternoon we had a walk around the marina. There are several hundred boats moored here with most of them paying well over £2000 a year. A right little gold mine me thinks.

                                                                              Another good boat name........That's us.

We leave the marina first thing on Monday morning . They give the weather getting very cold so tomorrow we will head down the Watford flight of locks and head for Norton junction. It should take us about 3 hours. Then see what the weather is like for the rest of the week before deciding what to do next.
Happy Days

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