Monday, 11 November 2013

On Friday we entered Crick marina for a ten day stay. Number one daughter arrived at 5 o clock to spend the night then take us back down to Devon on Saturday morning.

It cost us £10 a night in the marina with electric thrown in for free....... (Free is one of my favourite words). Most marinas make you pay through a meter so this is a very good deal. And what a difference it makes not to worry about generating electricity. Just plug in and forget it.

                                                                                                  The boats are all packed in very tightly.

We don't think we could live in a marina for the winter. The boat is very dark inside as the boats are moored so close together. When you look out of your window you look straight into the window of the boat next to you. It maybe better on the end of the marina but even so I don't think it is us....But never say never..
We were told that last year the marina at Crick was frozen solid for 40 days and you couldn't move anywhere. I don't think we fully realise what winter afloat will be like , but we are going to stay out on the cut and give it a bloody good go............ watch this space.
Now back down to Devon
Happy Days


  1. See you tomorrow night Super G! ;-)

    1. It will be good to see you....looking forward to it.