Tuesday, 23 July 2013

You Beauty

On Friday we moved the short distance from Denham deep lock to Harefield ,as it was so busy with walkers and cyclist due to the country park next to Denham lock.

Our mooring at Harefield. Inca is moored about 5 boats down on the right. On the left is a boat coming out of Harefield marina.

With the temperature at 30 deg all weekend we didn't do a lot. The worst or best day (depending if you like the heat or not) was Monday with the temperature reaching 33 deg. We did have problems sleeping as the temperature was still 28 deg at 11 o clock at night.

On Tuesday we pulled pins at 07.30 with the intention of getting to Cassiobury park which is on the out skirts of Watford.

This is the canal at the coy carp public house. There is so much water entering the canal they have set up a small slalom course for canoes. Rob Porter (Harry Potter) would love it here ...

In the top right hand side of this picture you can just about see 2 men leaning on railings . They are working in the Maple cross sewage treatment works just behind the narrowboats. Obviously they were skiving and it looked like one of them was an ica man and the other an electrician , It couldn't have been an operator as they work so hard. ....( If the truth be known it was probably a couple of managers ).............(  But at least they had their ppe on ).

Just before you reach Stockers lock at Rickmansworth you come across this collection of old wooden barns. It turns out that this was the location of the tv series Black Beauty which was on in the early seventies. It is called Stockers farm. Both myself and Carolyn started humming the theme tune as we cruised past it...Do you remember how it went ???? (see....now you are humming it).In case you forgot it.. hit this link....

Can you remember beauty running through this field with Vicki on board to fetch doctor Gordon when Annie from the village fell down a mine shaft and broke her leg....They don't make em like that anymore......

Next it was a stop at Rickmansworth Tesco  .With a mooring outside it is ideal for stocking up on all those heavy items....especially wine...

                                       On the subject of wine....what a great name for a boat.

After 6 hours of slow cruising we reached our destination . We did several loads of washing on the way, so as you can see the washing line is out and full of washing.

Tomorrow should be another long day as we want to push on and get a few miles behind us before the weekend.

                                            Happy days


  1. Happy Days GP.....must be gutted that you missed the royal birth....however the STW's at Maple Cross must have made up for it . definitely the guys pictured would have been craftsmen as there are no hard hats being worn...Management would have had bacon sarnies and cappuccinos..at least thats the staple diet in pen house and thats before the daily grind of a 3 course lunch.
    i think that 28degrees is far too hot for England, have you thought about going north of the border..do the canals stretch that far......all the best you both...

  2. cheeky sod...let it be known that I was on a site tonight at 1900 sorting out a problem...much like I always had to do for you!!!

  3. Hello Nicholas....Just to let you know you are still my favourite ever manager !!!