Monday, 15 July 2013


We are still in the capital and we still have to do what boaters have to do, so below is a picture of me walking from Paddington basin via Paddington Station to Little Venice.( Guess what's on the trolley ??? ). Carolyn was carrying the rubbish....

                              Good job done......... we had some funny looks but we don't care.

On Thursday we had a visit from Carolyn's brother Michael his wife Lorraine and later by their son Matthew. We had a very enjoyable few hours together and a good old natter (talk).

                                                           See you all again soon.

Friday morning we decided to have a walk into Hyde park and then into Oxford street. We passed speaker's corner but no one was speaking.

               But Carolyn was speaking.... on the phone to Chloe yet again approaching Marble Arch.

              Oxford street.... What a shame we had the dogs and couldn't go in any shops .

     Back in Hyde park people where queueing for the evening concert with Elvis Costello.

Every time we go anywhere we always go past st Marys hospital to see what is happening with the royal birth. Today there were 3 numptie's dressed as green babies. For some reason the press thought it was great and couldn't get enough of them.

Friday afternoon my parents Ken and Joan arrived for a long weekend. We were very lucky and managed to get them a hotel just around the corner. With the temperature at night still in the mid twenties it was far to hot on Inca at night for them to sleep on the boat.

On Saturday it was retail therapy for Carolyn and Joan and they spent most of the day in Oxford street shopping. The temperature today was over 30 deg and we love it.

      On Sunday we had a morning walk to Little Venice and sat in the park watching the world go by.

                                                                    Little Venice .

             On the way back we came across this shop.....What a strange name for a shop.

This is Joan stood on the steps outside the Lindo wing where princess Di had William and Harry and Kate should have the new royal baby.

                                               Hamish and Ken...........New best friends.

Monday morning was spent chilling in the shade before Ken and Joan's journey home on the train as the temperature soon got up into the high twenties .

With Ken and Joan now on their way home to Devon we have decided to spent a couple more days in London.

Solar panels

The solar panels are doing a great job . We are in the shade from 11 in the morning until 4 in the after noon so are not getting a full days sunshine but we have not run the engine since we arrived here last week.

Happy days




  1. happy days indeed GP. just a small question but where do you empty the thing you had on the trolley ?. are you going around any of the museums and just how hot does inca get in this cant have air con surely . enjoy following your progress and news...i'm in formed that spearmint rhino do a 2 for 1 night on a weds tonight could be a venue with a difference.

  2. Hello David.... The thing on the trolley is emptied in a place called an elsan (sewage disposal area). They are scattered along the canal network. Some are well looked after and some are not so good.
    We have been to see the queen and Carolyn has done hundreds of shopping (see next blog) but have been a bit restricted with the dogs as they are suffering in the heat.
    And yes it gets bloody hot in the tin can Inca......But because of all the security in the basin we can keep the doors open at night...
    What about Stringfellows.....any deals there ????