Wednesday, 10 July 2013

London bound

On Monday we set off early with the intention of going straight into London. But after a few hours travelling we met a couple of boats coming in the opposite direction who said "don't bother we tried and you can't get into Paddington Basin as it is full and they are turning boats away".
 Paddington is the safest place to stop in the capital as it has cameras everywhere and security guards on patrol.
So instead of wasting several more hours travelling we stopped at Cowley park for a couple of nights.

                                                          Our mooring at Cowley     

We were in two minds whether to bother with London or not. Neither of us had been there before except for going to Wembley stadium 25 years ago and Heathrow airport 7 years ago. But after a great deal of discussion we agreed we would get up at 04.30 on Wednesday morning and just go for it.

                 We left our mooring at 05.00 after taking Molly and Hamish for a walk and one of the first parts of London we saw on our way in was the arch on Wembley stadium.

Behind the bushes and railings is Kensal Green Cemetery the final resting place of  Isingbard Kingdom Brunel and a famous man from Totnes Mr Charles Babbage the mathematician.

After 5 hours of non stop cruising we made it to Little Venice and it took another half an hour to get into Paddington basin as there was all sorts of fun and games going on at the water point.

But it was well worth the effort. We managed to get very good mooring right next to St Marys hospital.

                                                             Inca next to St Mary's

As the dogs had been in the boat for so long we decided to head straight for Hyde park which was only a 15 minute walk away.

       We hadn't walked a hundred yards when we came upon this sight. The press out in force.

 There  were camera's and people every where. Further down the road there were all the satellite lorries

                                               This is the building they were watching.

We later found out that apparently a new royal baby is about to be born in the next few days and this is the wing in St Mary's where Kate will give birth . This is the same place that Princess Di gave birth to princes William and Harry.

                          We eventually got to Hyde park and had a walk around the Serpentine.

                                        Princess Di's memorial full of kids splashing around.

                                                               Chilling in the park.

So far we have found London to be a very busy and noisy place as you would expect it to be and also a bit of an eye opener for us country bumkins from Devon. We are not sure how long we will stay but look forward to having a look around London.

Happy days


  1. Wow GP've made it as far as the big smoke. you must take pop down the old Kent Rd and have some jellied eels . i was born in Dulwich and there is a great park there (sarf of the river ), you can hire rowing boats and go round the lake, amazing rhododendrons and aviaries of parrots and mynah birds- thats unless the natives have eaten them. hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy topping up with Thames water ....urrgh.brought to you tonight with a cold glass of Chenin blanc..keep on blogging .

  2. Hi David, Not sure if we will make it down Sarf of the river. We have family visiting from dear old Devon. But I must say it is certainly an eye opener up here.
    Now off in to Paddington to re-stock the cellar. (well actually it is to re-stock the bilge which is where we store it).