Friday, 19 July 2013

Visiting the queen

After a lovely weekend with my Mum and Dad we decided on Tuesday to go and see the Queen. It was a 6 mile round walk through Hyde park and down constitution hill.

Carolyn outside Buckingham palace.
             For some reason everywhere we go people from Japan love Molly and Hamish.

                                                                  Me at the Palace.

                           There were thousands of people watching them change the guard.

                                     It was so hot at 29 deg we could have jumped in the water.

When Carolyn came back from one of her many many shopping trips she had this device with her . She said there was so much to buy in London and she couldn't carry all .But now she could buy loads more. (And no Carolyn I will not be using it) .
Only once all week did we see them operate the famous curling bridge in Paddington basin.


        How clever is that ?.... and it is all done with hydraulics and takes about 2 minutes to work.
We have now had 8 nights here in London , the longest we have spent at any one place since Upton marina and now feel it is time to move on.
So at 05.45 on Thursday morning we are filling with water at Little Venice , after not filling for 8 days we were getting very low.

                                                        Saw this and    Yes.... they do live in it.
On the way out of London Carolyn spotted this boat and said what a lovely name.(Her brother is called Basil) . Just need to find a boat called Michael and one called Janet now. Oh! and one called Sharon of course.

     This was a great sight , going over the North circular road with all the rush hour traffic below us.

                                                The journey out of London was so hot.

                                                       A paddle wheel on a Narrowboat.

 After 6 and a half hours of travelling this is our mooring for Thursday night above Denham deep lock just outside of Uxbridge. Tonight will be an early night to bed ,and after a couple of glasses of Hardy's  Cabernet-Shiraz-Merlot a cracking fruity wine from Australia at 14% it will not be long before we are soundo.
Happy days





  1. Wow GP and Mrs GP...seems like you are having a right good time...shame GP that you weren't wearing the OBE that was given you at the palace. As for the Japanese tourists being nice to Molly and Hamish, they were possibly thinking of having them for tea ..or is that Koreans (not that i stereotype races of course. As for the Spearmint Rhino / Stringfellows debate, i hear that Mr Murch might be best placed to answer that question . and that bridge...well, how awseome is that...if only technology that innovative were deployed at SWW.... Glad the vino tinto is going down well, weve gone down the blanco route asd its nice and chilled in the hot weather...does inca have a wine cellar below the waterline ??. All the very best from us in Devon . DC.

    1. Legs Eleven in Birmingham is much better, just down the road from the Walkabout. not that I would frequent a den of inequity like that of course... any idea where I can buy that book gaz?

  2. Hello David....We do have a cellar In the bilge at the bow, but in this weather it still gets a bit warm down there .

    I think those people from Japan might find Molly and Hamish a bit tough to eat.

    Keep cool down there in sunny Devon..............

  3. Hello Nicholas...Heading north now , legs eleven sounds good.

    As for the book I have searched everywhere but can not find a copy.

    Hope you are keeping well ?