Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wendover Arm

We had only intended to spend the weekend on the Wendover arm up on the Chiltern hills but it is so peaceful here we have not left. On Saturday we had an air show in the distance over Aylesbury then on Sunday we had the helicopter's. We have never seen so many helicopters before, there were hundreds of them. It turned out that they were going from London to Silverstone for the Grand prix and taking all the rich and famous for a day out. Carolyn said she was sure she saw some famous people.

Also in the air we had Red kite's . A bird of prey that we have really enjoyed watching as it soars over the Chiltern hills.

     On Saturday we had a walk down to the reservoir that feeds water into the Wendover arm.

                                     Water being pumped into the arm from the pump station.

    On Sunday we set off to have a look at the work being carried out by The Wendover Trust.

Work is progressing well , but I think there are still many years of fund raising and work to complete the project.

On Monday I was told that I had to go shopping with her ladyship so it was out with the bikes and we cycled into the town of Tring . Only a small town but they had everything we needed. We did some shopping in M&S but isn't it expensive ?. so we just bought the basics in there. I did buy some home made pork scratchings in a local butchers and they were very tasty.
 On the way back I got another puncture but luckily not far from the boat. Good job I bought 2 extra puncture repair kits as we have had so many punctures and every one has been caused by Hawthorne needles.

                                   On Tuesday afternoon  Carolyn decided to do some fishing.

While Carolyn was fishing there was the continuous sound of a boat horn. Oh said she "there must be another boat coming". No Carolyn you are resting the fishing reel on the horn button..... Another dopey moment...

Solar update

We have now not ran the engine for 4 day's .On mornings where we have had sunshine the batteries are fully charged by 10.30 in the morning. And today (Tuesday) where it is overcast the panels are putting in 5.2 amps which should avoid us running it again today. Before we had the panels we used to run the engine for over 3 hours a day, so far it looks like a very good decision to have them fitted.

Happy days



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