Sunday, 28 July 2013

Our Journey so far

We moved aboard Narrowboat Inca on the 7th of April and it still feels like we are on one long holiday. So far we have covered 254 miles and gone through 234 locks. It works out that we average 2.6 miles a day (about the speed of a snail). Still we don't care as we are very happy with the way things are going so far.

On the blog front we have now had over 6000 views and the statistics are very surprising. We get views mostly from the UK as you would expect but we also have views from all over the world.

All time views

United Kingdom    5134
United States           281
Russia                      265
Germany                   84
France                       63
Latvia                        61
Netherlands               22
India                          14
Ukraine                     10
Canada                        8

 Plus visits from China , Japan , Brazil , Turkey and many other countries although i suspect many are just people coming across us by chance.

This week we have moved further north but only 12 miles which works out about right with our average snail speed of 2.6 miles a day.

                                      Wednesday we are moored just outside Hemel Hempstead.

Overnight we had heavy rain and the level in the canal went up by over a foot . You can see how tight the stern rope has gone. Not realising what had happened overnight Carolyn took the dogs out in the morning she stepped off expecting a small step but it was double the distance and oops! she fell on to the towpath.

As we had a few bits of shopping we decided to head for Berkhamsted and try and get a mooring outside of Waitrose.

                           On the way, Carolyn stopping the traffic at a traffic controlled swing bridge

                                               Indians !!!! The totem pole at Berkhamsted.

                        We are moored in exactly the same place as last time we were here.

On our way to Berkhamsted we met a few boaters coming from the Tring summit direction saying that the summit was closed as someone had left a paddle on a lock open and drained the whole section of canal. On Friday morning Carolyn rang the Chandlers at Cowroast and the man there said the level had been low and was now down by about 4 inches and it had not been as bad as we were told.

So after Carolyn had completed her retail therapy in the town we pulled pins at 11 o clock.

                                           Saw this on the way.   I like this name for a boat.

   Our mooring for the weekend is 2 locks before Cowroast. And with good walks for the dogs and good satellite reception and 20 megs of broadband it will do for us.

We will stay here until Monday then move on as we have a very special visitor coming on Thursday to spend a couple of weeks with us and we need somewhere safe for her mum Chloe to park my old car (which she got for nothing) for a few days.

                                                    Happy days



  1. about the same speed as when u worked then?

    1. Hello Nicholas....I would have said I was more like a young Whippet ! .......Well......maybe an older Whippet.

  2. Happy Days indeed GP...i'm wondering if Cow roast has a vegetarian restaurant, the irony in that would be amazing.
    all the best to you and Mrs GP.

    1. Hello David.. Not a lot at Cowroast to write home about. But there is a pub and in that pub is a thai restaurant and it's called the elephant restaurant...maybe they do roast elephant.

      Be good

  3. How nice to see you've immediately adopted live aboard pace! We'll be on GU mid August heading south from Northampton after our Nene and Great Ouse outing. Will give you a shout if you're still around. Jan

  4. Hello Jan ...Good to hear from you, not sure where we will be in mid August. Look forward to hearing from you if we are still in that area.

    Gary and Carolyn