Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy cruising

We left the Wendover arm early on Wednesday morning and had problems passing the flour factory. Instead of going around the sharp corner Inca just kept going straight towards the factory. The water levels had dropped so much that the bow just dug into the bottom and would not turn. After lots of revs and a lot of manoeuvring we finally got out of the arm but it was shallow all the way out.

                                     Trying to pass the flower factory on the Wendover arm.

When we got to Cowroast (not a place to get a roast meal but a resting place for cows many years ago)we went to the marina chandlers to pick up a few bits and pieces and the guy in there said they where fed up with asking Canal and River Trust to put the pumps on as the level in the marina kept getting so low...... Maybe there are water shortages up here on Tring summit.

We then cruised for several hours and eventually stopped at Birkhamsted. We found a good mooring opposite the park and only a short distance from a Waitrose supermarket. There was also a Chinese takeaway just up the road so we thought we would give that a go. (Not bad but not that good).
 On Thursday morning it was another early start as we wanted to get a bit of a move on for a change.

                                                             A rare sight doing a lock

                                                   Is that an elf sat on the lock gate ?

                                                    Passing under the M25 Motorway

                                                          A car on a narrowboat.

                                           And who do you think lives in a house like this.

                                           Chickens on a narrowboat.  Now there's an idea.

We are now moored for the weekend at south Harefield and have been spending our time doing nothing but sitting in the sun .With the temperature hitting 27 deg on Saturday and the forecast saying even hotter on Sunday we are happy here.
There also seems to be more Red Kites here. We have been watching them come down into the housing estate opposite.

                                                         Red Kite soaring overhead.

           We also had 8 of these little green Parrots roost opposite us on Saturday night.

With the sun as it is at the moment the batteries are full at 09.00 and we have so much power through the solar panels we don't know what to do with it all. Still better that way than having to run the engine for hours every day.

Happy days



  1. Im confused was it a flour or flower factory?

  2. Hello dearest sister....My blogs are like great roman mosaics. There is always one mistake...... Otherwise you are better than the gods who could never make mistakes... Mind you blogging and a few glasses of Merlot do not always mix.....It was flour as in making bread...

    Love from

    your number one brother