Friday, 5 December 2014

Speeding boats again.


IMG_4972After arriving at Berkhamsted we picked up this mooring on the park side of the canal. There were a couple of spare moorings on the towpath side ,but the mud was so bad we opted for the off side. I am not sure if we are allowed to moor here or not as there are no signs to tell you not to and there are boats moored on this side further up.

IMG_4959Here we go again, an idiot boater speeding through the moorings at Berkhamsted.

IMG_4989And the result of the idiot speeder is that the boat moored opposite us has had its mooring pins pulled out.

IMG_4962Wouldn't it be great if they installed these on all visitor moorings.

We both enjoy visiting and spending time in Berkhamsted so we will probably spend a few days here before winding below the lock and then heading back North. With plenty of shops and our favourite pub wetherspoons just over the canal we will be ok here.

                                                                  Happy Days

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