Saturday, 13 December 2014



IMG_5110We pulled pins from Cowroast at 09.30 with a cold wind and a very overcast sky and after filling with water and dumping waste we passed this lovely pair of FMC boats and headed across Tring summit towards the Marsworth flight of locks.

IMG_5120Passing the Bulbourne workshops on Tring summit. Where all the new lock gates are still all hand made out of Oak.

IMG_5136Coming down the Marsworth flight and every lock is against us (empty when we get to it) . Repairs have been done to some of the locks , but as you can see only half a job has been done (Bodge). Maybe its meant as a temporary fix that usually turns into a permanent fix.

IMG_5124With the temperature at 6 deg C and a wind that made it feel a lot colder it was plenty of layers of clothes to try and keep the cold out.


IMG_5144This will be interesting. The building of houses on the old British Waterways site at Marsworth is nearing completion. They have so far taken away the refuge disposal point and put bins further down the canal, so now and that leaves just the Elsan and water point. I wonder how long it will be before the new residents start kicking off and moaning about the boats stopping and emptying their toilets next to their lovely new homes.

IMG_5137OOPS !!! Looks like they forgot to cut out for the windows.

IMG_5148We picked up this hitchhiker on the way to Pitstone and then after three and a half hours and only passing one other moving boat we finally arrive at our destination. Although its very cold  it has to be one of the best times of the year to be travelling on the system. We will have a night here and then move on again in the morning .

                                                                 Happy Days


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  2. more like the hitchhiker is saying "If nobodys using this bike , I will "